Monday, November 2, 2015

Gear - Books

Equipping a personal Book is a lot like incorporating a new religious or philosophical text into your life. It becomes a new source of reference and guide for how to handle the decisions your character makes as they play. Players will usually end up with two Book-Gear slots by the time they hit maximum level, because it is earned in both Primary and Secondary class ability chains. Like other Class Gear, the Books are separated by the classes that use them, and book slots are class-type specific when earned.


Manual - There have been many great Generals throughout history. While some have names that ring out in history, others are remembered only by their thoughtfully written manuals on warfare. Any commander with the gear-slot can learn something from these time-honored pages. Accounts of battles, tactical instructions, inventory lists and philosophical ponderings warfare itself can all be found in one Manual or another. These Commander-enhancing books raise the reader's functional Celerity and Management ability as they absorb the wisdom of those old Generals. Each Manual is crafted with toughened leather, giving it the kind of armor a combat-scholar needs.

Manuscript - Noble characters have been brought up to consider themselves cultured, but do they know where that culture comes from? This increasingly powerful collection of letters, stories, and ancient records are collectively referred to as Manuscripts. Each one increases the reader's Arithmetic and Management abilities, making them better, more efficient leaders. In order to purchase a newly printed Manuscript, players will need access to a Book crafting building, Paper, and a sack of Thalers.

Ledger - After detecting a bargain and not getting cheated, nothing is more important to profitable trade than a clear head for numbers. Every character has their own capacity for math and memory. When they earn their Ledger gear slot, a character knows it's time to seek outside wisdom to guide their future economic decisions. These tomes of knowledge and logic will enhance your natural Arithmetic and Acumen attributes. Printing up a fresh batch of Ledgers will requires location, Paper, and a lot of Bronze Litra.

Scripture - There are many holy writings created after the completion of the original Holy Book. These were written by wise men of their time (sometimes women writing as men). Some of the writers will never be forgotten, some will never be known, but their words have helped and inspired generations of spiritual followers. Crafting a new Scripture requires a Book printing building, Paper and clean Linen. Spending your time reading and contemplating a single scripture will raise your Philosophy and Fervor attributes.

Grimoire - These are ancient and mysterious books of spells. In many cases, they're books of songs, poems, philosophical theories and herbal encyclopedias. Together they represent a mass of naturalistic, animistic, pagan and forbidden scientific knowledge. Demons are only mentioned a couple of times. To craft these secret educational tomes, printers will need to treat the paper with Tinctures. When a Caster character begins to reference their life to a particular text, their Mettle and Creativity increase.

Charter - Unlike other classes, Lords get their Book early in the leveling process. These charters are not only a fancy stack of papers to flash around for authority but actual packets of historical political information. Lords are best served to keep in minds the treaties and successes of their ruling ancestors. These are documentation of successful (or almost successful) decisions of leadership. Equipping and sort-of living by a particular Charter will increase the Lord's Oratory and Judgement attributes, making them a wiser and more persuasive leader. As with many things involving Lords, ordering a new Charter from the printers requires the obligatory paper and a big stack of Gold Florins.

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