Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Unit Spotlight - Auxilia

Originally, the Auxilia troops where those Roman units that were not yet Citizens. The name refers to being helpful and they were there to support the Citizen-filled official legions. They were often recruited from the provinces, and then stationed in their home provinces as one of Rome's friendly ways of spreading Roman culture with a nod to existing regional loyalties. While historically this varies, Auxilia in Brune all move as Infantry.

Base Social Class

Recruiting Auxilia troops pulls from the Yeoman population. This means that every Auxilia lives in a Yeoman house, requires Yeomen Happiness and isn't working a Yeoman job while being your Auxilia. 'Deconstructing' an Auxilia unit will allow them to return some of their recruitment cost and return to being a regular member of the Yeoman populace. Because they are Yeomen, they prefer to be paid in Silver coins.

Base Character Class

The Auxilia are essentially Mercenaries, making them different from most other Units. They're in it mainly for the cash and will have higher Management, Acumen and Arithmetic attributes than most other units as well. When they level up, they will level like Mercenary heroes.

Training Resources

In order to train even on Auxilia, you'll need an Infantry, Yeoman or Ranged unit training building. Each unit requires an allotment of Iron Ingots and Leather to make up their armor and weaponry. If they are hired from an encounter or other random opportunity, they will also want to be paid in Thalers.

Equipping Gear
Auxilia are fairly well-equipped units. As Yeomen, they can only equip their weapon and two other types of gear. While it may seem like this should be focused on combat gear, the Auxilia can equip a Flag. As this enhances their warrior attributes it can serve to enhance their performance in battle. All units come with basic weaponry, but equipping them with the appropriate weapon-gear and make them even stronger. Auxilia are Javelin-wielders and can be equipped with any Ranged Weapon in the Javelin category. Finally, they can be given Scale armor to seriously increase their physical defense and chance to survive.

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