Friday, November 20, 2015

Favorite Astrology Sign Bonuses

Zodiac Trait
While during character creation you can select your Zodiac Sign, this is not something your character is assumed to have control over. This represents under which house of stars you were born under, which some believe effects your personality and fate. Whatever you believe, choosing to have a zodiac sign provides a bonus and penalty to your gameplay, slightly shaping your experience away from others of your chosen class. While this is a decided-by-birth kind of detail, characters can find ways through the game to change their zodiac sign.

Zodiac Signs

Aries - Aries are considered hot-headed and energetic. They are quick to temper but also quick to recover and move on to the next thing. This constant energy and forward motion provides them a small percent AP bonus for the rest of their natural life (including restoration and resurrection). Unfortunately, their short-sighted outlook causes Logisticts to cost them more.

Taurus - People born under the Taurus sign are renowned for their stubbornness. Few comment on their native reliable and friendly natures. Those who take on the unstoppable traits of the Taurus are more resistant to getting killed, as their HP is always a percentage higher. On the other hand, their weakness is incorporating new ideas and experiences and thus suffer a small XP penalty.

Gemini - The Gemini love being around people. They always have a joke and a thoughtful comment for any situation and can usually make the best of a bad situation. These canny social characters gain more from every personal Bond. On the other hand, they spend more time talking than training and always have a percentage lower HP than their peers.

Cancer - Cancers are generally considered pleasant people. They are associated with emotional responses and creative expression and everyone is sort of happy to have them around.  This overall positivity provides a small amount of all universal Happiness to their home district. They also tend to be a little disorganized end up paying slightly more in personal equipment upkeep.

Leo - Leos are warm and accepting friends. They have gained an eternal reputation for being good leaders and characters under the Leo sign gain a percentage more Importance throughout the entire game. These characters also tend to jump into battle quickly and without consideration, making them slightly more vulnerable to physical attack.

Virgo - Virgos are known for being both shy and exacting in their personal lives. This unforgiving nature allows them to straight up resist a small amount of Magical damage. This magical resistance cuts both ways. The clear cut form of a Virgos world lowers their natural MP capacity.

Libra - Libras are best known for not getting too excited by anything and always trying to find a compromise between extremes. This dedication to being even-headed allows Libras to gain more from XP with every experience. The penalty for being a Libra is reduced Ranged damage by a small percent.

Scorpio - Characters born under the Scorpio are known for their passion and aptitude for dangerous situations. This powerful nature allows them ton inflict more damage with Melee attacks. This fearlessness in battle translates to a certain lack of awareness, leaving Scorpios more vulnerable to Magic in battle.

Sagittarius - Born under the archer's sign, Sagittarius characters can dish out more Ranged damage than their peers. Care-free and good humored, Sagittarius are known for being overly optimistic, and sometimes tactless. This gives them a slight penalty to the effect of their personal Bonds but leaves them free to care somewhat less about those close to them.

Capricorn - Capricorns are known to be cautious and thoughtful people. They are likely to weigh a situation before jumping in and choose their words carefully. Their ability to follow through on a plan, once decided, gives these polite characters a surprising resistance to physical damage. Their careful lifestyle causes them to be less impressive, and gain slightly less Importance than usual from their actions.

Aquarius - Aquarius are known to be generally positive, but also somehow hard to predict. Characters born under this sign are more connected to the forces of nature and have a percentage more Magic capacity than others. Their native tendency to daydream slightly decreases their overall AP regeneration.

Pisces - These creative and unworldly characters are connected with their fishy brethren and the ocean. This affinity provides them with an increased understanding of the sea and their ships sink slightly less often. Their ability to manage on-land structures are less successful, causing the maintenance of personally owned buildings to cost more than usual.

Ophiuchus - For characters who want nothing to do with the game of assigning traits and assuming that the starts have something to do with their fate, they can choose to have been born under the mysterious sign that most people haven't had time to assign traits to yet. This provides no bonus or penalty.

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