Tuesday, November 10, 2015

District Profile: Service Sector

Service Sector

The Service Sector is a key member of the Department of Religion. More even than most religious districts, this one is dedicated completely to the health and well-being of the citizens. Every building within improves Health in one or more ways. While making this the default Rank 6 district may seem frivolous to less health-conscious sovereigns, we don't suggest cramming tens of thousands people into a single settlement without a Firehouse and a Hospital at the very least.

Action - Foreign Communication

Your settlement has reached a level of civilization not seen by many cities before the Renaissance. With access to both Aqueducts and Hospitals, the survivability of your tightly-packed urban areas is higher than ever.With this amazing display of civic planning, other settlements are ready to hear what your people have to say. By visiting the Service Sector, players can initiate use Foreign Communication to start a discussion thread on the global forum.

Main - Firehouse

Many great cities have burned completely to the ground for lack of fire-suppressing technology. Most of them rebuilt afterward, and many burned a second and third time based on the problems. The Firehouse provides a settlement-wide solution, along with Aqueducts (and Fountains) spread throughout the city to provide convenient water sources. Each level of Firehouse raises overall settlement Health by a static and percent, because people are healthier when they don't burn to death. This awesome building also processes Lumber into Boards, because it wasn't useful enough before.

Exclusive - Hospital

Without Hospitals, more people die of broken legs and easily curable diseases. While they can't be built outside the Service Sector, every level of every Hospital increases the Health of the entire settlement. It is here that young clergy and/or scientists try to help people with approved methods such as bandages, hot soup, bitter tea, and leeches. Hospitals also apply their localized knowledge to brewing Herbs into Tinctures.

Linked - Aqueduct

Aqueducts provide a source of fresh clean (totally not lead-filled) water to all the residents of your settlement Though they can be built anywhere, every Aqueduct increases the housing capacity of all NPC population in every district. Their Health bonus is also settlement-wide so there's no special benefit to building them in any particular district but the Service Sector to which they are linked.

Minister - Chirurgeon General
Someone's got to be in charge of all those Hospitals and the methods they use. This job falls the the Minister of the Service Sector, the Chirurgeon General. This often overworked minister is backed by the Ministry of Human Services. They together are dedicated to the healing and tending of all sick and injured in the entire settlement.

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