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Class Abilities - Secondary Noble

What are Class Abilities?
A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and the relative Lord class. Lords can never access the secondary chains, only available to a different 5 of the Hero classes.


Secondary Noble Classes

Cavaliers were born in the lap of luxury but prefered to play outside as children. When they grew older, they became the gallant protectors and representatives of their noble relatives. These commander-nobles will always be comfortable on the battle field but they come home to the company of their velvet-clad relatives. They are by far the best mannered and well spoken of the primary commander classes.

The Courtier loves to be surrounded by rich things and refined people. They loath having to speak to anyone with less than a complete classical education. These haughty heroes know that all real power in the hands of old men in gilded mansions. Why go anywhere else when a little bit of charm might grant you power at it's source? Courtiers spend most of their time becoming more socially effective and disarming in order to get the best deal out of the complex inheritance and favor structures among t

The Manager hero resembles those crafters and traders of the Renaissance whose work was so valuable that the middle class began to form around them. Trader-Noble heroes focus mainly on their productive skills but know how to get respect and business from the guarded upper class. Their charm and skills combined allow Managers to enjoy the business opportunities available only when patronized by the very rich.

Prelates were either nobles who joined the church or priests who were stationed in a noble's chapel for so long they've gotten to know the ways of the upper class. In either case, while their main priority is service to the religion, they will be able to speak the language of the aristocracy and elites. Used to dealing with the lofty moral quandaries of the very wealthy, it seems the moral questions of the poor are somehow less profound and are easier to solve.

Astrologers have been staring at the stars since they were young, trying to found meaning and perhaps clues to what choices they should make. They have also probably been telling their friends how to live their lives by the stars as well. This kind of attitude is somehow popular in the upper classes and these social caster types are often welcome into otherwise exclusive parties in order to read fortunes. This ability to charm rich out of their gold can fund a lot of magical reagents for these caster-noble heroes.



No matter what else you may be, you're a noble and will be treated like one. One of your noble powers is to hire some random sell-sword to be your personal bodyguard. For a sack of Silver Thalers, you can find some willing muscle somewhere in your settlement willing to join your personal Army and serve as a Churl, Vagabond, Hunter or Archer unit.

Technically, you share a portion of responsibility/power over the people. That means when you say it's time to party, it can be time to party! All you have to do is speak to a few people on the street, let them know where the event will be, and set out a reasonable amount of Groceries and Beer. People love to party, and many will bring their own food and drink to supplement your own. This shared food and fun increases district Health and causes a few friendly rural Peasants to move in.

As a member of higher society, you recognize that no government can run without funds from it's people. It is rewarding to fulfill your civic duty and it's a fairly reliable way to ensure that the government actually gets money you want it to spend on something. Paying your taxes makes you feel good and improves your Guile and Management for the rest of the day. The Florins you deposit actually do go directly to your Settlement.

An Ensign is a large colorful piece of fabric, often with tassles and gold thread, that declares who you (and your famly) are. It's held up on a big stick either by your or a personal servant who follows you around carrying your heavy Ensign. Having this Emblem-Gear equipped impresses people and improves your effective Charm and Management attributes based on how nice it is.

Reconnaissance is a really cool action you can take for your country. With this, you can target any neighbor country in order to determine some basic information on their Garrison and Defense ratings for the entire settlement. All you need is a Horse, Linen and some Dyes. With this material you craft a disguise, ride over, and check the place out for yourself. Be careful, if they have a high Security rating, you can be caught and imprisoned in a foreign settlement.

Your pockets are always filled with spare coin. Fulfilling your natural role in society, you try to leave a tip for everyone who even complements you correctly on the street. This is an enjoyable state of affairs for you, the money matters little and encourages everyone in the settlement to be really nice to you. It's even better for the populace, who find more coin in their pockets each day thanks to your Largesse. This passive ability increases the Silver in the Public Economy each Income cycle based on your level.

The Embezzle action can target any building your character is the Minister, Owner or Employee of. This action does not create a material reward but literally skims off the top. One the action is used, the next output cycle of that building is dropped direction into the acting character's inventory instead of where it was supposed to go. Getting away with this theft requires a small amount of paper.

Many have commented that as you level up, you've only become more graceful and charming. They admire your bravery and appreciate your good manners. The usually reticent jewelers have agreed to sell you a variety of Necklaces which will each raise your Charm and Mettle further based on their individual quality. Like all gear, there are 13 variants of Necklace, each more beautiful and empowering than the last.

One of the more admirable habits of the Renaissance wealthy was to gather and educate each other at refined parties. Throwing one of these parties will inspire the people of your settlement to share what knowledge they have with neighbors and friends. This increases the Mettle of all citizens for the rest of the day. on top of this, the spread of knowledge caused by a Salon also temporarily increases Health for the entire settlement.

You have become practiced at leading a small army of troops and your reputation allows you to be somewhat trusted by the people of a settlement. Protect District allows you to dedicate your personal army units to the defense of a single district. This district can be in your home settlement or in a settlement friendly to your home settlement. Your troops prefer to be personal bodyguards and don't want to fight for a district. You must bribe them with Groceries.

You have come to realize that to understand any more about culture and society than you already do, you must go to the sources. Locating, and taking up the personal study of one of these collections of cultural source material will increase your effective Arithmetic and Management, making you a better leader and role model for the people.

This is a dishonorable thing to do and will lose you Importance. On the other hand, if you know where there are a lot of Yeomen, your sec-noble character does have the skill and intimidation to bully grocery money out of these poor NPCs. At the cost of a little paper and less Florins, you can force some locals to take ill advised loans from you with Shark Loans.

With Horses and Linen, you can basically throw a huge horse party. Everyone who with spare time and horses will show up and ride around in the horse party. This convenient gathering and show of horses and horsemanship effectively reduces the cost of recruiting cavalry units for a day.

This action triggers the cooperative local scenario Tournament. At the cost of  Lots of Linen, Livestock and Dyes your character can cause a Tournament to occur. For the duration of the Tournament scenario. recruitment costs will be less than usual. If the Tournament is won, recruitment costs will lower further for a daily cycle. If the Tournament is lost, recruitment costs will be somewhat higher for a daily cycle.

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