Saturday, October 31, 2015

District Profile: Poor Quarter

Poor Quarter
The Poor Quarter is where settlements can cram all their poor, unfortunate, tightly packed Peasants. Every building of and associated with this district is about housing the poor. Though the Sovereign decides when to build Poor Quarter, it is up to the Department of Religion to tend all the poor souls who live inside.

Action - Give Alms
There will always be too many poor, and helping them only a little bit will ensure that they never fully leave the impoverished state. Still, it feels good to help the less fortunate. The Sovereign, by building this concentrated Peasant housing district, has provided a place where players can be surrounded by the grateful poor.

Main - Slums
This is the primary Peasant-stacking building. Every level of the Slums adds hundreds more housing Peasant housing. Residents who want out are offered in-house training to become Peasant Units. This service also decreases the overall costs to train Peasant troops throughout the settlement. Of course, there are downsides to forcing so many of your poor to live so close together. Each building level of the Slums decreases settlement-wide health, representing the disease and malnutrition fostered in these conditions.

Exclusive - Co-Op
This is your only healthy option in the Poor Quarter, but they're not as efficient as the Slums and Tenement.
Each level of Co-op provides one to two hundred Peasant housing, processes Groceries, and increases local health.With the influential local Health bonus, a considerately run Poor Quarter will have enough of these to balance the detriment created by the Slums. These are actually lovely little shop/homes and the peasants within are healthier than their closely-packed neighbors.

Linked - Tenement
This is the final stage of your Poor Quarter. If the hundreds of Peasants in the Slums and the more loosely packed Peasants in the Co-ops wasn't enough, you can now add more hundreds of Peasants through the power of flimsy Tenements stacked to the sky with Peasants. These can in fact be built in every district, so you can place one of these bastions of poverty anywhere in your settlement. Tenements are healthier than the Slums, but local Education is hard pressed to serve all the children created in these buildings.

Minister - Almoner
In charge of the Ministry of Welfare is the Almoner. This lucky Minister is in charge of hypothetical food lines and recruitment in the Poor District. This Department of Religion Minister has the the rare privilege of managing a Recruitment building (the Slums) and may end up handling a local Garrison because of this. Mainly, the Almoner's job is to build/upgrade more Peasant Housing when the time comes and try to keep the impossibly large masses from collapsing local Happiness.

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