Sunday, November 8, 2015

Favorite Lunar Bonuses

Your Lunar phase is the phase of the moon your character enjoys most. You can work this into your personal lore however you like, but having selected one has effects in the game. Characters can choose to opt out and choose to have no favorite Lunar Phase. Whatever you chose during character creation, your Lunar Phase can be changed by Becoming Malleable during the game.

Waxing Crescent
There's a special joy in spotting the first sliver of bright moon after the darkest part of the cycle. Characters who prefer the Waxing Crescent always watch for the first night the moon peeks her pale face out again. They are energized while the moon is shy and gain more material rewards from their actions during this phase. However, during all other phases, they receive slightly material action rewards than other players.

Waxing Quarter
Characters who favor the Waxing Quarter are fascinated by  the delicate moment of balance when the light and dark halves are equal. Their personal power focuses like the balance in the moon, such that their experiences during this phase become more poignant. During the Waxing Quarter, it's characters gain Experience faster, but suffer from a slight experience penalty when the moon is not both growing and balanced.

Waxing Gibbous
You enjoy the tingly phase just before the moon reaches fullness.  As the Moon gathers her powers around her, so do you. Characters who favor the Waxing Gibbous get caught up the anticipation just before the full moon, as if every flower is holding it's breath. During this time their Attributes are enhanced and they become better at everything. After the phase has passed and before it comes again, their Attributes are slightly lower than usual.

Full Moon
This traditionally powerful phase of the moon is held in high regard by Pagan worshipers the world over. Festivals, weddings and rites of celebration are often performed under the Full Moon. Characters who give their public favor to this popular phase will gain more Importance during it. With such a strong association however, people see you as somewhat less during other Phases and you will gain Importance a little more slowly.

Waning Gibbous
You are somehow excited the night the darkness starts to diminish the moon's bright face. The festivals are over, everyone's gone home and quiet has returned to your evenings. Nature has begun to breath normally again. Characters who choose the Waning Gibbous moon are more difficult to harm with magic during their favorite phase. Crescents are just plain creepy to them and magic does slightly more damage during crescent phases.

Waning Quarter
When the darkness has crept halfway across the moon, your character begins to watch the sky for that moment the line is balanced. Another night and the darkness will have, ever so slightly, overtaken the moon's hold on the sky. Characters fascinated by this moment have some inherent interest in the deepening darkness. Secret actions cost them less during this phase. During any other phases

Waning Crescent

Watching the last moment's of light before the moon is fully swallowed can be a thrill for some people. These characters tend to name the Waning Crescent as their favorite phase. They're empowered by this overpowering darkness and feel more violent during this time. Until the moon is completely gone, these characters do more pure physical Damage. Gibbous moons weaken them, and slightly reduce the damage they can dish out.

New Moon
The New Moon is the time to do things against the will of others. Leaving or entering a property, being with your secret lover, or performing rites that were outlawed centuries ago, the New Moon is the time. Characters who favor the New Moon can be suspected of at least romanticising illegal activity, as these characters are less likely to be caught doing Secret Actions as long as the night is dark. Relying on this darkness weakens their resolve in the light, and during the Full Moon Secret Actions are much more difficult.

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