Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Language Options!

Brunelleschi is Now Available in 20 Languages!

Try the game out in any of these languages, the translation will begin to automatically follow you through the game, translating each page as the first user reaches it in that language. 

The automatic translation extends to the game's Catalog and will eventually be extended to the Wiki and Forums as well.

 We will also allow Settlements to select their own 'National Language' which will impact the default messaging provided.
 We're very glad to be partnering with to provide this multi-lingual service, and they've been incredibly helpful in the entire process.
 Aesop Games is a small bootstrap company with limited resources so we're very happy to be able to provide our game to so many more people on a limited budget! If you're interested in our localization efforts and would like to participate, let us know at 

Here's a final demonstration video on how to use the localized subdomains.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Gameplay Videos, Unity Clients, and More!

The New Unity Client is coming along nicely and can be downloaded from our website soon.

Here's some footage from the game, but don't take my word for it, download the game from our site (soon) or IndieDB at

We're pushing towards a new version of that client again in the next few weeks, and have been keeping up the development of the webgame at New Traits and Vehicles have been added which we'll be outlining more details about in the next few days!

A handy completion document is publicly available here, and provides constant updates on our development progress.

A few hours of instructional videos can be found on the Brunelleschi Youtube Channel here.