Friday, October 23, 2015

District Profile: Parade Grounds

Parade Grounds

Not to be confused the the Chapaigne Faire, which is a secular godless district of the Department of Commerce, the Parade Grounds is only for holy, Sanctioned acts of excess and debauchery and is part of the Department of Religion. This church-approved field is designated for church-approved frolics. This may include Parades, troop training, and Holidays.

Action - Riding Practice
With the cost of a single horse, your player can lead local cavalry's Riding Practice. This is an enjoyable jaunt into leadership, whether you're just riding for the fun of it or are actually interested the quality of your local troops. This action increases the Celerity for nearby Cavalry units until the end of the next Harvest cycle.

Main - Minstrel's Stage

While the Minstrel Stage doesn't produce anything, it makes life more interesting. Every level of Minstrel Stage increases settlement-wide Education both by percent and bonus, but it decreases the Health of the Parade Ground even more. This center of entertainment is also pretty good at selling Bread to Peasants, putting Litra into the pockets of it's manager. Because building, upkeeping and upgrading the Minstrel Stage cost both Linen and Wool, Sovereigns are unlikely to build a Parade Grounds without strong backing of Weavers.

Exclusive - Stocks and Pillory

While most of the space in the Parade Grounds is dedicated to marching about in decorative lines, the church has decided that some of this space can be used for shaming the morally deficient. The Stocks and Pillory provide two Prisoner containment slots (though can't really be referred to as 'cells') per level. While this increases apparent Security, making use of the Stocks lowers local Respect, a hard earned Happiness type.

Linked - Stables

What's a parade without Horses? Stables are linked to the Parade Grounds and function more efficiently when built in the district. Unsurprisingly, these buildings process Livestock into trained Horses. Less obviously, these delightful little buildings increase local Prosperity without any corresponding penalty.

Minister - Minister of Heritage
The Parade Grounds are led by the Minister of Heritage, whose supportive ministry is the Heritage. These brave men and women try to track everyone of any importance and anyone they were ever related to. Great characters and their impressive deeds are recorded and remembered by the Heritage. In times of celebration, this important data is dug up and displayed proudly on banners.

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