Monday, October 5, 2015

District Profile: Inner Walls

The Inner Walls is key for Sovereigns worried about either Defense or Security. The inherent garrisons are huge and the base defense rating is double that other Rank 5 district. Every building in and associated with the Inner Walls boosts Security either a lot locally or a little for the whole settlement.

Walk the Wall

A wall's only so useful without setting guards along it. Players who live near an Inner Wall can choose to walk a portion of the wall protecting a single district. This district receives a powerful local Defense boost and a small local Security bonus for a single day.

Main: Keep

Living and working in a Keep is enough to inspire a few Yeomen per building level to join up and become Guards. This doesn't cost the settlement anything, they just wanted to join up. The Keep also provides an increasing number of Prison Cells and a settlement-wide Security Bonus.

Exclusive: Moat

Add many individual Moat lots in order reach the army-stopping effect of an inner-city wrapping moat. Every level of every Moat lot decreases the Celerity and Might of attacking Peer units. The inaccessibility provides a Security bonus to every district. On the other hand, the people will try to drink from your defensive standing water and Health suffers a little settlement-wide.

Linked: Guardhouse

Many districts rich with trade or residential buildings will need a Guardhouse nearby. Both population and Prosperity buildings tend to sap Security Happiness, so these places will have need of the powerful local Security bonus provided by the Guardhouse. This local power is even stronger if a Guardhouse is built along the Inner Walls.

Ministry: Castellanate
Maintaining those huge beautiful walls takes a lot of work. The Castellanate handles wall repairs from both warfare and natural wear. They also stand around all the gates monitoring whoever comes and goes, making little notes for the Castellan.

Minister: Castellan
The Castellan must budget the Walls and Moats without any immediate source of Bricks or any other essential resources. This minister must rely on external production so the people can rely on them to keep the walls up and the gates secure. In times of war, they are one of the vital defensive layers between the citizens and violent invasion.

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