Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gear - Accessories

Accessories are what your character wears to show off how important and powerful they are. Each of the 78 adornments somehow enhances your character's appearance and Attributes relating to their chosen class-types. Both Primary and Secondary class-paths can unlock Accessories and in some cases, more than one sub-type of Accessory can be accessed by the players.


Belt - The Belts equippable by Commander-players is no simple wrap. Even the simplest of them, the Cotton Sash, requires some leather and pearls to craft. These items do more than hold your pants up. The Belt is an incredibly useful item. You can use it to secure all sorts of things, and having one equipped increases your effective Might and Toughness until the boat is unequipped.

NecklaceNobles lead a life of luxury, used to fine clothes and respect from peasants. Even so, they still can't pull off a fine Necklace without months of focused personal refinement. These impressive pieces of jewelry enhance the natural Charm and Mettle of the wearer, as well as the envy of all Nobles who aren't allowed to wear one. Secondary Nobles earn this ability at an earlier level, and Courtiers can eventually astound their companions with two gleaming expensive Necklaces, somehow perfectly nested. Crafting a Necklace requires an Accessory producing building and a payment of Thalers and Pearls.

BootsTraders take great pride in their personalized boots. While this tradition may have started with sturdy boots meant for walking long caravans, these personalized garments are as much for show as function. The sense of personal pride and all-day comfort provided by the Boots increase the wearer's effective Management and Acumen abilities. A large pile of Litra and a small pile of Pearls are required for each rank of Boots that can be crafted.

RingPriests don't always go for large amount of flash, but the truly powerful ones have been known to indulge in an ornate ring or two. With an investment of Cut Gems and Pearls, crafting-building owners can produce a few of these precious items to sell to high-level Clergy characters. Secondary Clergy deign to wear Rings long before their primary brethren, and Clerics will eventually be able to wear two rings at once. In long hours of prayer, Clergy can study these small but beautiful works of art, raising their usual Fervor and Grace attributes.

CloakThe Cloak is an excellent way for Caster characters to literally cloak themselves in mystery. These yards of rich fabric are dyed and stitched with care and finally imbued with a beneficial enchantment. While the end-fabrics may vary, the magical crafters require Linen and Pearls for their ritual. Each cloak, depending on it's quality, improves the wearer's Judgement and Creativity.

CrownThe Lord characters have sacrificed the complexity of a secondary class (which is now Lord) for a few simple perks. One of those perks is rulership preference, and another is a full sett of Class Gear, instead of the 3 pieces usually provided by a Secondary class. The Crown is a precious metal decoration that exists for the sole reason of proclaiming your leadership qualities. Wearing one causes people to treat you with more reference and take your orders, effectively boosting your Influence and Charm attributes. They can be ordered from the Accessory crafters with Florins and Pearls, and come in several metals and varieties.

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