Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gear - Emblems

Every set of Secondary class abilities includes an Emblem equipment slot. This means that no matter which Class you choose, you will be able to equip at least one Emblem. What is an 'Emblem' exactly? Good question. Each of these pieces of equipment is basically a large piece of colored fabric on a stick that makes you look and feel awesome.


Flag - Somehow being able to identify a great enemy without mistake makes them more terrifying on the battle-field. Any Secondary Commander will be able to equip a large, distinctly colored flag to either hook to their gear or force a servant to carry. These Flags require simple Canvas and Linen to craft but gain the uniqe ability to raise a character's Celerity and Toughness in and out of battle when equipped.

Ensign - The Ensign is a special fancy way for Secondary Nobles to identify their personal banner. Within the limit of what can be recognized a distance, Nobles have put a lot of effort into making their Ensigns obviously more refined than the emblems of the other classes. These decorative items increase the apparent Charm and Management and cost Dies and Linen to craft in any building that can craft Emblems.

Pennant - Adopting a personal pennant is just another business decision for a Trader, the only class that can equip an Emblem both in the Primary and Secondary. This means that the Merchant hero will eventually be able to equip two distinct and awesome Pennants. Each Pennant increases the Management and Arithmetic of their owner based on the quality with which they were produced. These emblems are expected to spend a lot of time out in the weather, so crafting them requires both Linen and Leather.

Standard - Many times in the past, the church has required a Champion. Secondary Clergy, already dedicated to their religion but not fully committed to selfless-ness, can equip an identifying Standard. The dedicated priests who craft these pieces of equipment have blessed it to provide a bonus to a worthy wearer's Philosophy and Grace. Is it in the delicate stitching or the subtle color use? You can't be sure, except that it would be nice to have one. The humble Standard requires only Wool and Linen to produce.

Banner - Casters don't mess around. When it's time for an Emblem, they get a big bright piece of fabric and stitch as many cool arcane symbols onto it as possible. They call these Banners and a few low-talent casters can always be found to enchant a few in a building that crafts Emblems. These enchantments enhance the Philosophy and Reason of the Caster who carries the Banner. Each banner is crafted from Black Perals and Linen.

Gonfalon - A Gonfalon is the fanciest sort of emblem. Lord characters are granted access to them earlier than all the other classes. This is because everyone wants to know where Lords are on the battle fields. Lords are worth more points in the after battle tally-up. Gonfalons require Gold Florins and Linen to craft, but like all equipment can be bought on the Market and might be given as a reward for Actions, Scenarios and other game events. Each beautiful Gonfalon provides it's bearer a Leadership and Might bonus.

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