Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Unit Spotlight: Elementalist

The Elementalist has reached their level of magical prowess through careful study of nature, attuning themselves to the natural forces. These casters value their connection to things like fire, water, wind and earth. Whether they choose a single one or try to master multiples depends on the individual mage but all of them share the special ability of Ice Blast. Like most magical troops, Elementalists move like Infantry.

Base Social Class

Training an Elementalist takes a practical soul If they are too ephemeral or worldly they will not be able to find the special place between nature and human will that allows them to bend the elements. Thus, recruitment buildings prefer to pull unemployed Yeomen from the population to train into Elementalists. These reasonable recruits still live in their Yeomen housing not doing any yeomen jobs and prefer to be paid in silver coins.

Base Character Class

Like the majority of magical units, the Elementalists will gain levels as if they are pure-casters. This causes them to resemble the Wizard heroes in their leveling structure, though troops don't gain access to level-based abilities and will only ever be able to equip their few specific gear items.

Training Resources

Elementalists are not cheap in terms of training materials. They require Black Pearls in order to fuel their inner powers (not vanity at all) and familiars to help them connect to the deep external forces of nature. Neither of these materials are easy to get in their own right and must be paid both on recruitment and (to a much smaller extent) each week as upkeep.

Equipping Gear
Equipping your stacks of Elementalists is relatively simple. Like many spell-slinging combat troops, they can be equipped with a deadly Ranged Spell, which is particularly appropriate as Ranged Spells mostly target the manipulation of elements. As they are Yeomen troops, they can equip two other Gear items as well. These are some snazzy and kind of protective Robes and a Grimoire, to remind of them of all the spells that don't have to do with the elements.

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