Sunday, January 3, 2016

District Profile: Park

Park District (Rank 6)
Just because this district is naturalistic doesn't mean it's cheap or simple. The buildings each have their own beneficial capacity. This optional district in the Department of the Interior in general increases Health local and settlement-wise as well as dealing in the collection and training of wild creatures.

Action - Clear the Trails
A large settlement has a lot of paths that only the working people take. It's important to maintain these paths and keep them clear of dangerous creatures and violent opportunists. Brave heroes can find these meandering trails of the rural people and chop back the wild life a bit. Just keeping an eye on these trails increases the Encounter and Scenario triggering chance for all citizens in the settlement.

It should be noted that the Park district is not only somewhat expensive to build, it also lies behind three layers of research. In order to build your Naturalist Center (and start the Park at all), you must first know at least one level of Botany research. Botany requires Biology which requires Science. Sovereigns intending to build a Park will want to start researching Science in order to unlock Botany.

Main - Naturalist Center
The Naturalist center is the main building of the Park district, meaning that when you start your Park, you're really starting your Naturalist Center around which the Park will center. Each level of your Naturalist Center costs Glass and Leather and increases the production output % for all primarily harvesting. Leather cost for all construction projects in the settlement is reduced. The Naturalist center also provides a small static Health bonus to the settlement.

Exclusive - Ranger Station
The Ranger Station is a powerful local boost to the Health of the Park district. While this may be useful on it's own, these useful buildings also provide a small percent bonus to building storage capacity for every building in the settlement. This percent increases with every building level of every ranger station. While the Ranger Station only it's own research to build, it also costs Hounds and Pet Birds for it's construction and upkeep.

Linked - Pasture
Pastures are incredibly useful and kinda expensive harvesting building. Each one requires Grain and Fillets for their construction, upkeep and upgrades. On the other hand, they can harvest, Livestock, Animals and Fledglings. Livestock are very widely used, and an equipment-crafting settlement doesn't want to be without any of these Companion-Gear base resources. The Pasture requires Agriculture which stems from Biology research in order to unlock, so pretty much every sovereign should start on the Science research track in order to build this handy building anywhere in your settlement.

Minister - Lord Warden
The Lord Warden is technically in charge of every empty stretch of field or forest in the settlement. They oversee the players clearing trails and their Ministry, the Park Service. Keep an eye out for helpful green hats/helmets as the Park Service or even the Warden themselves rides the stretches of settlement they must keep predator-free. The Lord Warden has a seat in the Department of Interior

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