Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gear - Ranged Weapon

Ranged Weapons - Every character has a gear-slot for a Ranged Weapon. As with all Basic Gear, you can equip one of each with no conflict. This means you can definitely wear a Ranged Weapon and a Melee Weapon at the same time. Every Ranged Weapon does a certain amount of ranged damage in combat. Like Melee Weapons and Armor, characters can only equip a Ranged Weapon at their Arms Rating and lower.

Throwing Knives - Throwing knives are the smallest and weakest form of ranged weapon. Good for close quarters but not exactly intimidating on the battle field. Each small knife requires a small amount of Iron Ingots and Canvas to craft and raises the effective Guile and Celerity of their wielders. Throwing knives range in arms rating from E to D at the highest.

Bolas - Bolas are a ranged tangle weapon consisting of connected straps with weights on the ends. The name derives from assuming the weights are ball-like but more dangerous developments have varied from the ball shape. Each rank of Bolas requires more Leather and Canvas to craft and further increases the wielders Acumen and Might. Their arms ratings range from E to C and each rank goes further than throwing knives of the same rank.

Bullets - To even use pebbles in a bullet-propulsion device requires an Arms Rating of D. A character must have an arms rating of B or higher to equip a ranked 13 Explosive Bullet. These ranged weapons require Iron Ingots and Canvas to craft and naturally go further than Bolas and Throwing Knives. Each rank of bullet adds a profound bonus to the wielder's Might but guns in this time period are clunky and unreliable. Equipping bullets as your ranged weapon will decrease your effective Celerity.

Arrows - While the bow that shot it makes a difference, it's the arrows that stick with you afterward. How well designed and nasty that arrow determines a lot about how it flies and how much damage it does. Arrows require Pet Birds and Canvas to craft and have about the same range limitations as bullets. In this time period bows are nice enough and guns are new enough that the weapons are still comparable. Arrows require Arms Ratings of D to B and increase the Arithmetic and Might of their wielders.

Crossbows - Crossbows in the Renaissance are more reliable and often do more damage than the early gun designs. These relatively devastating personal weapons come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Wielding one requires both strength and mechanical ability. Because of this, their Arms Ratings range from C to B. By rank, they have the second longest range of all ranged weapons. These devices requires Boards and Canvas to craft and improve the Arithmetic and Might of their wielders.

Javelins - Javelins are not useful to players without bodies sculpted for the purpose of throwing them. On the other hand, these are huge pointy ranged weapons that can be thrown at potentially massive distances by the right wielders. These dangerous weapons require a minimum Arms Rating of B, but most Javelins are rated A. They require Iron Ingots and Canvas to craft. Every rank of Javelin provides the wielder with more Guile and Might in and out of battle.

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