Monday, January 25, 2016

Gear - Ranged Spell

Ranged Spells
As a type of Basic Gear, every character can equip a single Ranged Spell, along with a Buff spell and Blessing. Which specific spells you can equip depend on your personal Magic Rating in comparison to that of the item. Ranged Spells are the only way for characters to inflict Magical Damage. They do this by consuming some of your Magic Points per round of combat in order to launch their magical attacks.

Burn spells are not the most powerful or impressive, but they can be understood and cast by even the most magic-inept Commander characters. Their magic ratings range from E to D and in effect from Smolder to Incinerate. While these do the lowest per-rank of all the Ranged Spell types, high ranking Burn spells can still do some real damage. Crafting a Burn spell requires Oil and Black Pearls. Burn will continue to do damage in combat for as long as you have Magic Points. Learning to use a ranged spell enhances the caster's Reason, but Burn is a clumsy spell type and reduces your Celerity a little.

Splash spells may seem less scary than Burn, but are more difficult to master and can overall do more magical damage. These range in magic rating from E to C, meaning most Trader characters will be able to equip the highest rank Splash spells. These spells increase the caster's Reason and natural Charm as water has many effective uses. Like the other Ranged Spells, it continues to do damage in combat until MP is exhausted. To craft a Splash spell,  you'll need Tinctures and Black Pearls.

Blast spells create control over the winds that blow around you and your opponents. These gusty spells naturally increase the caster's Reason and Arithmetic attributes. In order to craft them, Pearls and Black Pearls will need to be combined in the Spell crafting building. The Magic Rating of Blast spells range between D and B and are more powerful per same-rank spell than both Burn and Splash spells.

Quake spells shake the earth beneath your targets, creating tremors, distractions and abrupt displacement. These spells do comparable magic damage to that of Blast spells but apply a different style to their work. They increase the Reason and Mettle of their casters separate from combat and Magic Points. Crafting Quake spells requires Cut Gems and Black Pearls.

Ray spells grant the caster control over light in laser-like concentrations. Blind and scorch your enemies with the holy light of the sun behind you. These are the second most powerful type of Ranged Spell and range in Magic Rating between C and A. The passive bonus of the Ray spells improves Reason and Judgement of the casters. Ray spells can be crafted with Glass and Black Pearls.

By wielding raw bolts of electricity, your character becomes the most terrifying magic wielder on the field. Watch as enemies flee in terror rather than be fried where they stand leaving naught but smoking boots and a toasty meat smell. These spells passively increase their users Reason and Creativity attributes. Creating the Shock spells consumes a number of Magnets and Black Pearls per spell.

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