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Class Abilities - Sec Clergy

What are Class Abilities?
A character's level represents the time they have spent training and they class-powers they've mastered with this effort. Class Abilities are those actions, privileges and equipment slots unlocked as your character gains experience and levels up. These privileges are separate from any you might gain through Rank and Position in your local government. Each Class includes a primary a secondary chain of Class Abilities. Primary chains can be accessed by 5 Hero classes and the relative Lord class. Lords can never access the secondary chains, only available to a different 5 of the Hero classes.

Secondary Clergy Classes

Secondary Clergy
Characters who choose secondary-clergy classes have faced the wide world. They know what life is like beyond monastery walls but and their faith is strong enough to handle it. They have decided to be the pillar of strength for the weak and a soft place for the weary, while still mostly getting on with their lives. Secondary Clergy gain an unusual set of clerical abilities that will always be completely unavailable to Clergy Lords, giving them an edge versus even their own bosses in the religious hierarchies.

The Chaplain has sworn to protect the weak and impoverished. They can be trusted both to hold their own in a battle field and to tend to prisoners without incident. Traumatized rescued prisoners are best left in the gentle but capable hands of the Chaplain who will tend their wounds and get them home safely. These wise commander-clergy heroes feel all life is precious and beautiful, but the world is such that blood must sometimes to be spilled to defend that beauty.

Confessor heroes know that discipline is the backbone of society, and without society we will all quickly revert to barbarism. With subtle social power and swift stinging blows the Confessor will drive out the sinful and defend their home for the righteous. There can be no safe place for the weak until the strong take some personal responsibility. These noble-clergy heroes are there to apply spiritual motivation to those who aren't yet trying hard enough.

In order to be a successful Monsignor, you must be able to run a small religious establishment. Whether a rural monastery or urban chapel, the Monsignor must keep the priests fed and the candles lit. The Holy provides, but the provisions are for the capable. Monsignors believe in helping the faithful help themselves and run their churches like well organized businesses. Sins come in, blessings go out. Having to deal with the worldly aspects of worship gives these trader-clergy heroes a special understanding of the church's place in society.

The Cleric hero is a gentle soul. They may be career-clergy or perhaps never even originally wanted to leave the Monastery. Either way, these clergy-clergy heroes are completely devoted to service of their higher power. Often this comes in the form of serving the people and occasionally in the form of national service. However their actions manifest, Clerics are led by a strong inner call that allows them to see the divine workings in every aspect of life. Clerics gain access to every available clergy ability by the time they reach maximum level.

Healers have seen the divine at work and will accept no substitute for a bonafide miracle. They have dedicated their life to understanding the ineffable mysteries. By giving their heart and minds to the workings of their religious powers, Healers are able to summon great holy works in the name of their god(s). Every piece of ancient power they unlock is to the glory of their creator and in the name of their greater good.


Secondary Clergy Abilities

With this simple first ability, Secondary Casters are already immensely useful. At no material cost to themselves (or their settlement) they can choose to bless any single building in the city. This will cause the targeted building to consume no upkeep materials for the next upkeep cycle. Stingy sovereigns may go out of their way to recruit sec-clergy heroes just to cast Bless Building over and over again. This action does cost Action points and a small amount of Magic with every blessing.

This blessing requires a small altar of Tintures and Bread but the cost is minimal in comparison to the effect. For a small amount of personal energy and magic, your secondary caster character can bless the defenses of any defensive district in their home settlement. This blessing imrpvoes the maximum Defense rating of that district for an hour and the local Security happiness until the end of the next Immigration cycle.

As you grow closer to the infinite, your become more aware of the hunger that surrounds you in the faces of the poor. For a small amount of bread, you can raise the effective Health happiness in your targeted district based on your own Management and Fervor attributes. This means that your ability to help the poor and underfed increases as you gain levels, making this action more powerful later in the game that it is when you first earn it.

This is your first outward sign of spiritual favor. You have done well for yourself and have been allowed a small amount of personal adornment. Whenever you begin to feel doubt, you can look upon your ring. Read it's engraving, count it's round little stones. This will remind you that there is holy favor in the world and that it's your job to spread it. Each Ring can improve the wearer's Fervor and Grace based on the rank of the item. A new Ring requires Cut Gems and Pearls to craft in an Accessory crafting building.

Your character has become an incarnation of grace and good temper. Your peaceful demeanor and wise responses to trouble have caused you to become casually inspiring to those around you. Units in your personal army are proud to work for you and are honored to keep you safe. They fight with more vigor and do slightly more damage in combat.

This is a very important ability that is only available to secondary Clergy. This ability allows you to bring a Dead character back to life WITHOUT a death point. This is vital to Hardcore characters because their death points represent how close they are to the final death. This will feel just as important to non-hardcore characters as death points will inflict upon them wicked debuffing effects. These rituals are not cheap. For a large stack of Florins and a smaller collection of Linen and Tinctures, your character can spend a reasonable chunk of AP and Magic for the benefit of another character. You should consider charging a fee.

Your quiet observation and eye for spiritual talent allows you to identify who among your flock could be trained into magical units. These are rare troop types are a valuable addition to your personal army. In fact, as casters they may have more in common with you than most of the common thugs that can be hired for personal protection.

Your ability to care for others and your own affairs has finally qualified you to carry a delightful caged songbird. These beautiful trained companions help you understand some of the secrets of creation and help you keep up your sense of humor. Each lovely bird enhances your effective Grace and Creativity each day you keep it with you. These are gentle creatures are not useful to you in battle but help to bring joy to you and your neighbors.

You have gained the religious clout to throw your own holy Feast. The Pentecost is a feast celebrating the original gifting of the Commandments to Moses on Mnt Sinai. In the New Testament, Christ reappears to the Apostles while they were gathered for this ancient feast, giving the celebration a double emphasis. While the Pentecost usually happens at a very specific time of year, everyone can agree that the Commandments are important, so why not have a feast to celebrate it? To throw an Pentacost, you will need a seemingly paltry measure of Tinctures and Bread. Like the Fishes and Loaves of yore, this amount will expand to somehow include every citizen in the settlement, even those who did not come to your feast. This action temporarily boosts Settlement Faith and the Fervor of all citizens for the rest of the day.

Devotion to the almighty often has very little to do with a leader's ability to control their troops. Whether you are accustomed to combat or rarely venture from your study, you have become powerful enough that settlement authorities are willing to accept your help With Protect District and a large bribe of Groceries, you can talk your personal army into dedicating their defensive abilities to a single district for a single day.

Eventually every class gets a big piece of fabric to wave around on a stick. The Standard is the Clergy variant of same. On this large lovely piece of fabric, you can have stitched various symbols that represent you as a person, a hero and a leader. By gaudily declaring your presence, you are helping both your adoring followers and enemies identify you in a crowd. On the other hand, the Standard is pretty impressive. Carrying it around increases the people's perception of your natural Philosophy and Grace attributes.

Selling permission to sin is not a good thing to do. Officially the church objects and discourages that sort of thing. But... is it really wrong if the wealthy and wicked want to make donations that will help the church minister to the poor and wretched? For a few Tinctures and discreet pieces of paper, you can convince a few of the Peers in your targeted district to pay for their sins in Florins. This is a dishonorable action and you will lose importance for doing it. It also lowers the Faith of your targeted district for the rest of the day.

This is a great religious tradition of excess. Right before devout Christians together give up luxury and a single favorite item/activity for Lent they throw a big party with all the things they're allowed to have but shouldn't have too much of. There is drink and dancing and eating and masks so that everyone can get all that sin out of their systems for another solid year of being good self-controlled people. Throwing an independent sin-expiating celebration will require a gluttonous collection of Meat, Beer and Wine so the people can begin to relax. This is an incredibly appealing party and will inspire a large number of Peasants to spontaneously move into your settlement. The next immigration cycle will be overflowing with new members of the NPC populace, looking to live in the most exciting city they can walk to.

You have become the embodiment of spirituality. With a few Tinctures, Linen and Wool you can guide your entire Settlement into a temporary state of complete purity. Your actions will trigger a settlement-wide scenario of the same name. During this scenario, Settlement Faith will experience a serious boost. If the scenario is successful, every citizen in the settlement will be granted a large sack of Experience, and maybe Importance.

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