Thursday, December 24, 2015

Unit Spotlight - Huscarl

These are the traditional household troops of the northern kings and lords. Not servants but willing subjects and friends of those they protect, the Huscarl is an honored position in your personal army. These simple troops require little in the way of tending and serve just as well in local garrisons as in someone's household guard. Huscarls are granted with the special ability of Mass Warcry, raising the Celerity of friendly units in the same battle.

Base Social Class

Huscarls are recruited from the Yeomen of your settlement. They continue to live in housing and require things that local Yeomen residents require. However, while they are serving as Huscarls, these Yeomen cannot take jobs. As Yeomen, when hired and paid they prefer to take home packets of Silver coins over the near-worthless Litra or the far-too-heavy gold Florins that Peers prefer.

Base Character Class

Huscarls, like many of the non-magical or monstrous units is based on the Soldier hero model. This means their combat attributes will level faster than the others and they will not spend time focusing on things that are useless to a military troop such as commerce and social standing. These sturdy units come from respectable backgrounds and expect to spend most of their lives in good plain physical defense of a person or cluster of buildings.

Training Resources

As the tradition of Huscarls goes back well before the tradition of equipping your troops well, they only require Fur and Beer to trian. The Fur is for their armor (and general cold resistance) and the Beer is what you use to settle them down and get them into a steady training habit. Each upkeep cycle they will require more Furs and yet more Beer.

Equipping Gear
Huscarls, like many northern originated troops, prefer the use of the Axe. Thus their favored (in fact only) equippable weapon are axe types of melee weapon. Allowed to go into battle with more than furs and an Axe, these cold-faring troops prefer to wear tattoos and are not above purchasing and making use of a vs Magic Blessing spell.

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