Tuesday, December 8, 2015

District Profile: Merchant's Quarter

Merchant's Quarter
The Merchant's Quarter is not the kind of district you build to make money where you had none. This district will enhance the wealth of the already wealthy but has little to offer a sovereign with no investment capital. These buildings are not cheap. A member of the Department of Commerce, the Merchant's Quarter is dedicated to making more money from ventures that are already producing currency.

Action - Work as Accountant
In the Renaissance especially, businesses can always make use of someone who's good with columns of numbers. They are often willing to pay players who can make the numbers line up. Extra profits earned based on this skilled account keeping are paid back to the player at the end of their action in the form of Silver Thalers. This action relies on Attributes, so is more powerful when performed by higher level players.

Main - Counting House
The Counting house requires Silver Drackmas and Wine construct, upkeep and upgrade. While this isn't cheap, it provides Sovereigns (or their assigned Minister) a place to calculate the settlement's taxes. This careful attention causes all taxes in the settlement to be a % more efficient with each building level. Likewise, all income revenues from all transportation buildings are increased. Finally, the Counting House also processes as a Mint, producing the 3 basic types of Currency from Ores.

Exclusive - Exotic Imports
Exotic Imports is a place for sailors and far-flung adventurers to sell their foreign wares, but they require Pearls and Gold Florins to build and maintain. From silks to books to unusual smoking mechanisms, the Exotic Imports is happy to help you sell them. Each level of Exotic Import increases Prosperity throughout the entire settlement. Ability to sell odd foreign baubles increases the revenue of incoming Ships by a % per building level.

Linked - Oil Press
Oil Presses can be built in any district, but are most efficient in the Merchant's Quarter. While these buildings are not the only way to create Oil in the game, it's a pretty close call. The Sewage Pipes and Main Street are  main buildings (Ranks 7 and 8 respectively) can also create Oil but these are relatively late-game options. The Oil Press is your primary source of Oil and requires Olives to create. This can be a pain, because only Vineyards and Orchards can grow Olives. Once the Oil Press is built, they can press oil from Fish so Olives are only truly needed for building and upkeep. Each level of Oil Press is also a fairly powerful Health bonus to it's home district.

Minster - Quaestor
The Quaestor's job is to sit in the Counting House and count up all the taxes owed and received. By the time you're settlement is high enough rank to have a Merchant's Quarter, this has become quite a task. Thus they are backed by the equally arithmetic-capable Ministry of Mercantilism. Together Minister and Ministry make sure that the wealth invested in this district continues to pay out.

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