Friday, December 18, 2015

Gear - Blessing

Blessing Spells
Every character can equip a single blessing spell and will probably never gain a second blessing gear slot. This is one of three spell types, meaning characters can equip three spells, but only one of each gear-type. Each Blessing costs MP each round of battle in order to provide their combat bonus. Each sub-type of Blessing Spell provides a different kind of protection, the amount of protection depending on the rank of the item. Even magic-deficient Commanders will be able to equip the lowest magic rated Blessing spells, but will not be able to cast (or support the AP cost) of the higher rated, more protective spells.

'vs Melee' Spells
These are the lowest Magic Rated spells, ranging from E to D. All characters will be able to equip most 'vs Melee' Blessings. These handy little spells allow a character to put up a little more resistance to all Melee damage for as long as their MP lasts. Nothing really bad happens if you run out of MP, but your equipped spells will stop working during combat. Each 'vs Melee' blessing also increases the caster's Toughness and Celerity in and out of combat for as long as it's equipped. Crafting 'vs Melee' blessings in a spell crafting building requires Meat and Magic.

'vs Magic' Spells
Characters with magic ratings of E and higher can hope to equip a 'vs Magic' blessing. The highest magic Rating of this spell type is C, meaning most Trader classes will all be able to equip this type of spell. As you might have guessed, 'vs Magic' Blessings help your character to resist Magic damage during combat. They also provide a steady bonus to Mettle. Unlike other Blessing types, 'vs Magic' provides a penalty to it's second attribute, Judgement. Both bonus and penalty increase with the rank of the spell. Crafting a 'vs Magic' spell takes Cut Gems and Magnets.

'vs Ranged' Spells
The 'vs Ranged' Blessings provide protection against Ranged damage for as long as your MP lasts. With or without magic, these spells provide their caster with a steady Judgement and Celerity bonus which in itself should help them spot and dodge a few ranged attacks. In order to equip a 'vs Ranged' spell, characters will need a Magic Rating of D or higher. The highest magic rating of a 'vs Ranged spell is B, meaning most Clergy characters will be able to cast theses. Dyes and Magnets can be used to produce 'vs Ranged' Spells.

'Dmg Absorb' Spells
As the second half of the center Blessings, the 'Dmb Absorb' spells also range from D - B in magic rating. These handy spells help the caster soak a certain amount of all physical damage directed at them in battle. This can be particularly useful to the somewhat squishy classes that will be able to cast 'Dmg Absorb' Spells. In order to craft them, building owners will need Glass and Magnets and they provide a steady Mettle and Toughness bonus per rank of item. Glass and Magnets are needed to craft any new 'Dmg Absorb' spells.

'vs Damage' Spells
These higher level spells offer the caster active protection against all damage. The strength of this protection is, of course, based on the rank of the spell you equip. The magic ratings for 'vs Damage' spells range from C to A, leaving the lower ranks of spells available to the somewhat less than magically gifted. Crafting a 'vs Damage' spell requires Pearls and Magnets in a spell crafting building. Each of these spells also provides a static bonus to your character's Toughness and Acumen attributes

'Dmg Reversal' Spells
Only the highest skilled casters can equip and manage the "Dmg Reversal' spells. These range in Magic Rating from B to A, meaning even Clergy can only cast the lowest two ranks of 'Dmg Reversal'. These powerful spells not only protect your character from a certain amount of all damage, but turn that damage back on the sender by a percentage that is higher with each rank of spell. Crafting a 'Dmg Reversal' spell requires the ominous use of Black Pearls and Magnets.

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