Sunday, December 20, 2015

Characters in your Account

Game Account
The first step to most online games is to log in. This gives you access to all your collected game efforts that make you separate and unique from other players. Often this will include data for a single Character but Brunelleschi will help players to play as many characters as they can support. The first 3 are completely free and each additional character slot consumes a small in-game subscription. Accounts are based on an email address and/or social media account.

Lord Characters
Every account comes with a free Lord character slot. Lord characters are allowed to found settlements and have a much easier time ruling and managing settlements and districts. They have three additional Attributes compared to Hero characters and gain access to the unique Secondary Lord class abilities and gear slots. We hope by giving every player a Lord character to encourage them to seek power and influence in their favorite cities.

Hero Characters
Every account comes with two free Hero characters. These characters were not born to rule but to rack up experience in their favored classes. Heroes have a much wider class variation and have access to a lot of abilities Lords will never see. There is so much of the game to be explored with Hero characters that we thought everyone should be able to have two right off the bat. This will let players double up on their favorite classes or play two different ends of the class spectrum.

Additional Characters
If three just isn't enough for you, any player can spend a little Platinum to maintain additional character slots. The additional Lord and Hero slots are priced to encourage a multitude of Heroes and a few powerful Lords. These extra accounts must be paid for weekly in Platinum Hyperpyrons, usually taken from the first Lord or Hero character inventories.

Character Transfers
Transferring characters has recently become possible. The PH cost of transferring characters is based on their current level. Heroes will be about half as expensive as Lords to transfer. After you transfer a particular character, they can't be transferred again for 30 days. Pledges of the transferred character do not suffer Oathbreaker bonds during the transition period.

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