Friday, December 4, 2015

Unit Spotlight - Falconet

This is a light cannon developed in the late 15th century often engraved with birds or serpents. These were built for mobility as far as cannons go and can be pushed around and re-positioned by a smallish group of soldiers. Much of the training of a Falconet crew is practicing pushing these heavy wheeled weapons up and down hills. The Falconet's special ability is Precise Shot, which if used correctly can lower the effective Toughness of Enemy Artillery.

Base Social Class
Falconets are trained up from your local Peasant population. When a recruitment building or action creates a Falconet troop, they still life in Peasant housing and require Peasant Happiness costs in their home districts. While they are in a Garrison or your personal Army, they can't hold any Peasant jobs. Peasant troops like to be hired and paid in Litra, which is what they use in their day-to-day transactions. This canon. like most artillery, requires an entire crew and in-fact requires several Peasants to man.

Base Character Class
The character class variant of each Unit helps define specialized units and cause them to level somewhat differently. Each of these classes is based on one of the 25 Hero classes. Many Units are purely damage based and thus level like the Soldier class. Most of the guns are like this and the Falconet fits right in. This means that their Might, Toughness and Celerity will be higher than all other attributes.

Training Resources
The Falconet only requires a single material to craft. This makes them less expensive than their higher class comrades, as all Peasant units need one material to train. To make the gun, just pour several units of Steel Ingot into the gun mold and hire a peasant to stand next to it. The process is refined enough that they rarely blow up horribly.

Equipping Gear
Every unit type can equip a single weapon type. Naturally that for the Falconet is Bullets. Any kind of Bullet will do, and each will improve the unit's Might but lowers it's functional Celerity. In order to protect your Peasant wielder of the Falconet, you can equip them with a single piece of Studded leather armor. This will increase their Toughness but again lower their overall Celerity.

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