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Attributes, vol 2

Attributes, vol 2 

In the previous volume we talked about the first 6 attributes in Brunelleschi . Those attributes are primarily found in Commander and Noble Characters, but all characters gain some amounts in these scores. 

The interplay of Attributes and Equipment will be discussed in a later entry, but needless to say there is a great advantage in staying mobile, and keeping one's Settlement actively political. The most Active, highest Level, and best Equipped (aka Wealthiest) Lords will be the most desirable Minster candidates, and negotiation of private salary is entirely between the Sovereign and their Ministers.

Back to the Attributes! 


Arithmetic is a representation of a Character's general ability with numbers, and can be used in surprising ways.

Improve Profits

Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do. Simply do the math and you'll make more money with the same Income buildings. Solid Bookkeeping will improve your yield, and this can translate pretty quickly into market power.

Impede Crime

A Minister who is numerate is still a rare thing in these times, and nothing so effectively prevents criminal behavior as an eye for statistics. You'll experience fewer burning storehouses and keep more of your gold for yourself with this mod. 

Range Bonus

There's an odd correlation between certain types of intuitive math skill and projectile firing accuracy. Mathematically gifted Characters can get a little extra range from their weapons, which helps when the Mightier Heroes get upset with them. 


The Management skill is a general representation of a Character's ability to Manage people, property, and money. Careful Managers get a variety of benefits, and some of the more lucrative Scenarios rely on this Attribute.

Resist Critical

All Equipment, including Retainers, Mounts, Arms, and Spells require some amount of upkeep, and powerful equipment can get pretty expensive. This Attribute takes the sting out of those weekly upkeep payments and keeps your Gear in good shape.

Improved Production

This one is free money. Better Managers produce more Goods for the same Resource cost, directly lowering production costs. Drive your competitors under or maximize profits by utilizing Trader Lords as Ministers in buildings with a lot of Brickmakers, Stonecutters, and other valuable facilities.

Reduce Unit Upkeep

Good Management tends to keep Military costs down, and you'll be very glad at the lessened payment required by Units that are well led, provisioned, and confident. 


Acumen represents a general competency in life. Acute characters are precise, accurate, and on top of situations. It's an Attribute greatly valued in business as well as a host of other situations, and may be the Trader's most versatile advantage. 

Contribution Bonus %

Simply put, Acute folks are good at getting more for less. Your contributions (or detractions) will go farther and you'll find yourself on the top of the list in Scenarios more often. Higher contributions also means more chance of success in War, so a Trader can serve in a lot of roles.


Money flows easily through and out of the hands of a competent Minister, and those with Acute senses tend to bring up the general opulence of a region. This can have a similar effect to Caster attributes when it comes to speeding Construction, proving once again how generally useful Trader attributes will be. The nature of the class system means that Trader/Casters will of course build very quickly indeed!

Resist Critical

It's hard to put one past an Acute Character and this can make them particularly tough for Noble characters or anyone who relies on a 'Crit Build' in dueling. Critical hits represent a sort of randomness that no real Merchant wants to deal with, especially when the downside is death (even the temporary kind). 


Fervent Characters are generally more effective in Combat and Spellcasting, and it is in fact the Fervor of the Church that gives it strength in these troublesome and fractious times. Fervor is used for more than a few of the most intense Military Scenarios, particularly those having to do with Conquest.

Scenario Trigger % chance bonus

Characters who go about their day with a Fervor, weather it's from their Class training or Gear such as Manuscripts and Illuminations that they have equipped, will have a better chance of triggering Scenarios. This can be a double edged sword, but it will make wandering Friars and Clerics an interesting addition to Settlement life.


Ministers who have a lot of internal Fervor are more likely to pass this to the Populace, with the corresponding benefits offered by that form of Happiness . Clergy ministers won't put up with Forbidden rituals like Necromancy or Kabbalah , reducing their disruptive influence on a Settlement

Resist Critical

Your Faith is your Shield against supernatural and spiritual attacks. Enemy Clergy and Casters will have less chance of a spectacularly damaging attack against you if your Fervor is strong. 


Philosophical Characters will benefit from a deep love of Knowledge and Learning, which will tend to influence their decisions and increase their chances of spotting and benefiting from opportunities that others would miss.

Action XP

More contemplative Characters learn faster, and as such they advance in Level more quickly when taking the same actions. The long term benefits of this are considerable, and it may be worthwhile to use Philosophically enriching Equipment such as Manuscripts and Spells when attempting to gain Level.

Crafting Speed

Thinking about how to do something right long enough brings benefits. Like the Natural Philosophers of old, the thinker can derive best methods from first principles and improve Quality. In practical terms, you'll get your equipment from districts managed by a Philosophical Minister more quickly and for less overall cost. 

Magical Attacks per Round

What Celerity is to Melee Combat, Philosophy is to Magic. If you can think of more ways to attack, you can attack more often, and this can be devastating. The Clergy can bring massed power in the form of Holy Light and Elemental spells to bear with some quickness, if they so choose.


Characters with this Attribute are both Graceful and Gracious, a pleasure to spend time with and be around. Their assurance of God's Love has made them beacons of calm and composure, a feature much sought out by Commoner and Exemplar alike.

Reduce Scenario Failure Penalty

If a Scenario can't be completed or goes badly for the Character's team, they'll experience less overall loss from the failure. Over time, taking setbacks Gracefully can be a powerful performance boost.

Increase Citizen Action Importance

Graceful Ministers and Sovereigns are better at sharing credit for Achievements, and their Exemplars will gain more recognition from the Populace as a result. The increased Importance will make Government more powerful and useful in that Settlement, regardless of the actual behavior of the Sovereign and their Ministers.

Slow Magic

One's spiritual Grace stays the hand and slows the casting of an enemy in Combat. Clergy are somewhat limited in their ability to hurt one another, but the same power works well against the raw Damage output of the Caster classes.

I'll finish up with Attributes, Vol 3 next time and then we'll move on to some more detailed information about the individual gameplay mechanics of Brunelleschi's various subsystems. Thanks for Reading!

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