Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Attributes, vol 1

The 18 Attributes in Brunelleschi are each useful in a variety of ways, to truly get ahead in the game you'll need to know how they work and which are applicable in any given situation. Here are the first 6, the Commander and Noble attribute sets.


Might has 3 basic functions that can benefit every character. 

Carry Capacity

This is your basic storage, and if you leave a settlement you'll only be able to take with you what you can carry. Anything above this amount is in danger of being Looted during raids or lost in the event that you are Fired from a ministry. For Heroes this stat is critical, as they usually will not own any buildings.

Increase Harvesting

This is perhaps the most desired effect in the beginning. Mighty Sovereigns increase the yield of every Harvest building, and and having a Commander Lord commanding the Fields or Mines can be very profitable indeed!

Physical Damage

In Duels and Warfare, physical damage from Ranged and Melee attacks are augmented by might. 


Celerity is a very powerful Attribute with a variety of benefits. Lords and Commanders tend to have more of this physical attribute than other classes.

Lower AP cost

Reducing the cost for every action in the game is an amazingly powerful effect, and those Heroes with the highest Celerity scores will be able to maximize their AP efficiency. Combined with bonuses from Highways and other buildings, the bonus can approach 40% at the end of the game.

Increase Training Speed

Military Units are trained faster by Sovereigns and Ministers with high Celerity ratings. This can be very important during a difficult war or when switching your workforce into the Army (calling up the reserves). 

Melee Attacks per Round

More swings means more chances to hit and do damage in duels and war. 


This well rounded Attribute has many benefits, but will not become essential until combat begins in earnest.

Faster HP Regen

When Dueling, Warring, or adventuring with Scenarios you can use up a lot of HP, and it takes a while to regenerate. Higher Toughness will get you back into the action faster. 


A Tough Sovereign raises the effective security score of their entire Settlement, and at least a dozen Ministries allow Lords to add their Toughness bonus to District or Settlement Security. A Military Settlement run by Commander Lords will be harder to commit crimes in. 

Resist Physical Damage

Might vs. Toughness is the basic equation for damage in the game. Stack on the Armor to raise your resistance, and remember that Magical attacks won't be impacted.


The Charm score is quite useful and applies to both Combat and daily life. Nobles will tend to benefit from the highest scores in this Attribute.

Improved Importance from Actions

More Importance points from every action is hard to argue with. Nobles simply seem more Important while doing even trivial things.

Improved Income from Buildings

Charming Ministers and Owners tend to have better Pubs and Theaters, and as such will bring in more Currency for the same amount of Population. 

Slow Opponent

Your opponent will be so dazzled by your smile that it will sap away their Celerity score, and you can use your social skills to distract them, reducing their attacks per round. 


The 1500's is a great time for intrigues, and the Guile score can be essential to Success for any character, especially the Nobility.

Lower Market Prices

Guile reduces the costs associated with the World Market, and can allow Characters to purchase items at a lower cost than the seller intended! Don't worry though, everyone gets their money. Only your character will know where the difference came from. 

Detect Crime

You have to be pretty slick to get past a Guileful Noble, and the Settlements and Districts overseen by these Lords will have a greater chance of Identifying the culprit when a Crime is committed. 

Critical Hits

Deft placement of a weapon matters almost as much as the strength behind the blow, and some characters will be much more likely to strike vulnerable areas than others. 


Personal strength of will is essential to success for any Exemplar, and there are a variety of ways in which this essential value can be applied. 

Scenario XP Bonus

Heroes and Lords with firm resolve will get more XP from overcoming difficult Scenarios. Their fortitude of spirit allows them to focus more clearly and gain insight that the frantic would miss.


The Health of a Settlement or District is directly affected by the Mettle score of the Sovereign and possibly Ministers. It takes a sound mind to deal with the issues of disease and death, and only the most stalwart can make the correct decisions for the benefit of the many. 

Resist Magic

The shadowy tendrils of Magic are a terror to the weak minded, but those with a sturdy spirit and resolve of self can stand up to any such onslaught. Wizards power is reduced by Mettle, in the same way Charm reduces Celerity or Toughness reduces Might. 

I'll stop there for the moment. Coming up next, Scenarios pt 2. 

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