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Attributes, vol 3

In Brunelleschi a Character's Attributes are applied to nearly every level of gameplay, making Attributes themselves one of the most pervasive game mechanics in the entire game. Advancement in Level as well as Equipment are used to increase and specialize the attributes that players might need for Scenarios or Ministerial Bonuses.

Usage of Equipment will be covered in a later post, but you can use the Manage > Gear page to get very detailed information on the exact source of any and all Attribute Bonuses.

On to the Attributes!


The Reason attribute is found primarily in Caster Classes, representing their connection to the Natural Philosophers of old and the dedication to Logic required by Formulaic Magic. All Characters have some amount of Reason score.

Equipment Attribute Bonus

More reasonable characters are able to make better use of their Equipment, gaining more bonus than other characters would from the same items.


Ministers with a high Reason score are able to raise the Education level of a District or entire Settlement by simple virtue of Reasonable leadership. The populace will respond to the measured behavior of their Exemplars by pursuing rational explanations to their questions.

Magic Power

The ability to Reason is essential to the application of Magic as well as its natural evolution, Science. Spells will be much more powerful when wielded by a Reasonable character, as they are less likely to offend the natural laws of the Universe with paradoxical castings.


Creativity is the soul of the Renaissance, and those Characters who have studied the more esoteric arts and mysteries gain advantages in leadership as well as Magical capability.

Action Rewards

Creative thought can create wealth, and those whose minds are a bit more flexible will often obtain additional rewards from the same actions. This versatility of thought can assist Casters and Clergy in overcoming their deficit of Might. 

Build Speed

Creative Ministers are very valuable for districts that are actively constructing new buildings, as their creative way of solving problems allows for faster construction.

Magic Criticals

Creative Casters are more likely to score a Critical Hit when casting spells during Duels and Combat.


Characters in Brunelleschi have many chances to exercise and benefit from good Judgement, and the Moral and Philosophical diversity of the Mythic Renaissance can demand careful decisions and well-reasoned courses of action from its inhabitants.

Increase Storage

Characters with good Judgement are better at making use of their available warehouse storage space. 

Reduce Civic Upkeep

Ministers with good Judgement are able to reduce the costs associated with running Buildings, and well established Districts with many Development Levels of Building will be well served by cautious and rational Leaders.

Magic Range Bonus

Careful Judgement of environmental conditions and distances can allow a spellcaster greater range when casting spells in Combat.


Unlike the previous Attributes, Oratory is only gained by Lord characters, and provides no benefits or bonuses to Hero characters. Oratory represents basic speaking ability and the gravitas and charisma needed to hold the attention of a large group of Listeners.

Reduced Fealty Cost

As Lords become more persuasive, they are able to have more Pledges and as such a greater chance of advancing in Importance and Rank. Oratory lowers the fealty cost of potential Pledges, something that will become increasingly useful as your Ministers and Pledges advance in Rank. 


Persuasive and Compelling Ministers can raise the base Respect level of the Populace, creating a buffer against potential problems brought about by overcrowding or a lowering of happiness.

Lower MP Cost

Powerful Orators are able to cast the same spells for less MP cost, increasing the longevity of their Magical power and extending their magical staying power in Combat.


This score represents a basic ability to influence the behaviors and beliefs of other people. This essential Attribute is found only in Lord characters, and cannot be accessed by Heroes. 

Lower Recruit Cost

Recruitment of Military Units is easier and less expensive for those Characters who are highly esteemed by society. Soldiers prefer to follow those who are well Regarded.

Taxation Bonus

Somehow, those with influence are able to reduce the social impact of Taxation, increasing the overall amount of wealth obtained without taking more from the Citizens. This little bit of social magic can be very profitable

Army AP Bonus

The Action Points required for military maneuvers are reduced when the Soldiers and Units involved are inclined to quickly respond to their commanding officer's imperatives. 


This Attribute is a basic representation of the Leadership skill of the Character. Only Lords posses this Attribute, as Heroes are expected to lead by Example.

Increase Max Fealty

Where Oratory reduces the cost of new Pledges, Leadership increases the Maximum Fealty a Lord Character can exercise. While these bonuses may seem similar, in practice Leadership will benefit those Lords who have lots of Hero Pledges, while Oratory is more effective for obtaining the services of other Lords.

Lower Building Costs

By exercising rigorous leadership over construction projects, a strong Lord can reduce the overall costs of Construction.

Army HP Bonus

Strong Leaders are able to exhort their Military Units beyond their normal abilities, potentially even allowing weaker units to survive when they otherwise would not. 

That finishes up the Attributes! As you can see, there are countless combinatorial opportunites in Brunelleschi, all available for your individual Strategies. Next time I'll talk some more about war before switching to the new Communication system. Thanks for reading and please visit us at:

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