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About Brunelleschi, Vol 3 : Dueling, Enmity, and Warfare

For the first 25 levels, everything in Brunelleschi is focused on advancement, around half a week of familiarizing yourself with the interface, possibly posting in the forums a bit, and for Lords building a few initial structures. Once characters hit level 20, they begin to unlock additional 'Life' and 'Aggressive' actions as well as their Class Actions.

Declaring Enmity

By choosing the forum action 'Declare Enmity' and then selecting a target settlement and a character, the groundwork for a duel is established. This sets the relationship between the two characters to 'Enemies' and allows the declaration of duels in the future. 

There are a large variety of Relationship statuses that characters can have, including Enemies, Neutral, Friends, Lovers, Handfasted, and Married. The latter two options require assistance from a pagan Caster and member of the Clergy respectively.

Challenging an Enemy to a Duel 

Once you've declared an enemy and reached level 25 it becomes possible to launch a duel challenge. The other player must accept the duel for combat to initiate, if they refuse they will lose importance relative to the level difference between your characters. If you challenge much lower characters to duels, they can refuse without penalty.

Keeping track of Duels

Characters can always see their active duels and challenges from the 'Duel' tab on their home screen, as well as in their personal forum menu.

Fighting The Duel

Once the duel is accepted, the characters will have options based on their equipment, but at the very minimum the option for 'Close Combat' will always be available, even to unarmed characters. If both characters have chosen a strategy, the round is calculated and the next round's strategy is chosen. This repeats until 10 rounds have passed or someone dies. 

Hits and Damage

I don't think Ophelia's going to win.
The character's attributes are calculated to determine hits and damage per round, with a variety of factors such as ranged attacks, spell damage, and melee attacks factored in and displayed in the forum.

And on to War

As characters advance beyond level 50 non-consensual PvP becomes possible as Lords gain 'Military Action'. This complex action invokes the 'Military Council' and enables Lords to assemble their Brigades of soldiers. Lords can always train 'Peers' from the population as troops, and Commander classes are able to train Peasants and Yeoman, but these civilian units will be no match for the units produced in an actual training ground. Heroes will have to wait until somewhere between level 150-250 to gain 'Military Action', and the Regiments they lead will allow somewhat less troop variety than Lordly Brigades. 

Sovereigns and Minsters have a great deal of control over troop recruitment, and can theoretically turn a profit training and selling units to their Citizens and Allies.

Of course, in order to use any of these shiny soldiers against anyone, it will usually be necessary to declare some sort of official war. The Chivalric culture of the Renaissance doesn't really allow for 'Sneak Attacks', though certain higher level characters will be able to flout those rules.

Errant Raids, on the other hand...

Once Lord character hit level 75 they will be able to 'Errant Raid' any settlement in the game, including their own! This can have catastrophic effects on the security of the region, but some Sovereigns may choose to turn a blind eye to their Minsters' raids, or even engage in such things themselves. Errant Raiding a foreign settlement will have negative effects on the Standings between the two settlements, and can serve as a precursor to War. Sovereigns should take care to ensure that their Citizens don't spoil existing treaties with opportunistic raiding. 

In the next post, I'll explain Diplomacy and Forum Interactions, and we can begin to get to the actual point of the game, Politics! 

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