Friday, January 17, 2014

Scenarios, vol 1

Today's post is some information about scenarios, how they work, and what they mean for overall gameplay. Scenarios come in 4 varieties, the first 3 or which we'll cover today. Today's post is inspired by a question player 'FuriousGeorge' asked in the game forums.

Random 'Event' Scenarios and Basic Mechanics

Every time an Action is performed, there is the slight chance that it will trigger a random scenario. These Scenarios can be beneficial, negative, or neutral and have very little chance of causing a negative effect if ignored. These are 'Bonus' scenarios that players can participate in as they wish. Most of these will be 'Cooperative' scenarios, which have only the option to Contribute. If you have the Materials and Energy Points (AP, MP, HP) needed, you can contribute your Attributes to the scenario. All scenarios use only 2 of the 18 total attributes, and as such you'll rarely run into a scenario with the same combination.

Competitive Scenarios

Competitive Scenarios are contentious, with one team 'Contributing' and the other 'Detracting'. This can create direct but friendly competition within settlements, at the cost of some efficiency in AP expenditure. These scenarios will usually have a Duration effect, which applies to the Settlement or District in which the event is occurring. World Events provide worldwide bonuses to all players while active, and as such are quite powerful! 

Scenario Rewards

Every contribution to a scenario (or detraction from in the case of Competitive ones) gives a reward of some sort, though it may be a larger or smaller part of the total reward depending on the nature of the scenario. Additionally, the most effective contributors will get a special bonus for completion (usually the 20, 50, or 100 most effective Characters). Players of 'Castle Age' will be familiar with the basic mechanic, which resembles Castle Age 'Boss Fights'. Eventually you'll be able to post these to your social media accounts and request help from friends, drawing them into the game and earning referral bonuses.

In the case of competitive scenarios, only one team can win, either the 'Contributors' or 'Detractors'. This later plays a major part in the Warfare engine, as almost all Military Scenarios are Competitive. Usually there is a penalty for the losing team, so it's not risk free to get involved in these scenarios even during peacetime.

There's almost always a District, Settlement, or Worldwide bonus for the completion of a co-operative scenario. The victorious team will need something to celebrate, after all. 

Hopefully this has shed a bit of light on Scenarios and how they factor into game play. Next time I'll talk a bit about Population and Employment, then back to Scenarios and War after that. Thanks for reading and please join us at

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