Monday, August 24, 2015

District Profile: Spotting Towers

The strategy-savvy sovereign knows that spotting towers are essential to an early-warning system. Setting them up is very simple. Establish a perimeter, then spend years building lots of stone towers all the way around the perimeter. By the time that's done, your children will have inherited a wonderful defense and information bureau.

District Action - Basic Recon

From the tops of your towers, you can see the glow of their city. This handy action allows one to take a look at a District in  neighboring Settlement and attain some basic information. Characters who choose to snoop on their neighbors will gain some information on the targeted district's defenders.

Main Building - Cartographer's Tent

Here is where the maps and decisions are made. The Cartographer's Tent is the beginning and center of your Government's intel gathering corps. Characters wishing to  The Cartographers Tent boosts the Might score of Siege units and makes it harder for attackers to approach your Settlement. Unsurprisingly, Special Ops units can be recruited here.

Exclusive Building - Heliograph Tower

Heliographs allow quick information transfer and employ some of the earliest use of Morse Code. Quick flashes of light can contain everything from vital troop positions to the latest dirty lymric. These towers increase Encounter Chance and Settlement Education. Heliograph towers are also capable of storing carts.

Linked Building - Watch Tower

The Watch Tower is an entirely supportive defensive building. Every watch tower raises Security for the entire Settlement, and they can be built anywhere. However, these classic buildings are most useful in the Spotting Towers district, ringing the perimeter of your city. The towers also increase the Guile of all friendly Ranged units

Ministry - Intelligence Service

Between the map-making and the Heliograph signals, it's no wonder that your Intelligence Service formed up around the Spotting towers. Here is where vital information about the outside is gathered. Perhaps in a bustling highly developed city, out at the edge is where it will be safe to investigate corrupt ministers and questionable sovereigns.

Minister - Director

The Director is in charge of gathering Settlement and Neighboring Settlement information and ensuring military coordination. They are one of the few military ministers sitting in the Department of Education. The Director is also the lead of the Intelligence Service, but hardly ever talks about it.

Downsides - 
If your concern is the affairs of your neighbors and the production of sneaky troops, the Spotting Towers are the right choice. However, knowledge comes at a cost. Every level of the Cartographer's tent costs Faith for the entire Settlement.

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