Friday, August 28, 2015

District Profile: Military Port

Why share a port with a bunch of unorganized non-military ships if you don't have to? The Military Port makes it clear to your Settlement and your Neighbors that the Navy has top priority. And that you plan on building a Navy.

District Action - Naval Recon

By building a Military Port, the Sovereign grants every resident the ability to learn about the economies of foreign cities. That is, if they each have the Glass, Florins, and Magnets to spend. One assumes with those items they pay a ship-owning NPC to build a telescope and go take a look for them.

Main Building - Harbor

The Harbor is home to all boats and capable of crafting it's own. With every building level, the harbor gains 3 more Boat storage slots and increases Prosperity settlement-wide. While it may not be the most impressive start to your Navy, the Harbor is nothing to shake a stick at.

Exclusive Building - Floating Docks

The floating docks extend docking infrastructure into deeper waters. Each level of Floating Dock can store both a Ship and a Boat. While they can only be built inside the Military Port, each building level of Floating Dock increases the speed at which boats are built and overall Boat luck.

Linked Building - Light House

Nothing increases Ship Luck out on the oceans like well-placed light houses. And nothing increases Prosperity like Ships making it safely into harbor. The Light house can be built in any District, but works best in the Military Port.

Ministry - Coast Guard

Concerned only with the safety of the coasts, the Coast Guard is well known for their immediate response to illegal acts out on the ocean. Whenever a light house goes dark, a shipment 'disappears' or docking taxes go un-paid, the Coast Guard will be there.

Minister - Admiral

The Admiral can look forward to the christening of and looking dramatic on many the new shipping transport. While they may await naval warfare eagerly, they mostly end up overseeing the arrival of merchant vessels.

Downsides - 
Like any district focused on transport, Security is vitally low. Two of it's three buildings lower the district's security with every level, despite their benefits to local and settlement Prosperity.

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