Sunday, August 9, 2015

Brunelleschi Down for Server Maintenance

Brunelleschi is undergoing some serious pre-launch server changes.

For the next 2-3 days, the Brunelleschi game server running both the web and 3D clients will be down for maintenance and some pretty amazing upgrades.

During our development, web technology has continued to roll forward and we're making sure the players don't miss out on the benefits.

The first of our updates is the serendipitous stabilizing of PHP 7 just in time to update our entire php infrastructure before the web launch. We've been preparing for this update for some time and are finally taking the time the server needs for a complete update.

The second major update is the Forums update. This includes a much improved chat system as well as a full update of phpBB and re-integration of all our forum-involved game activities (of which there are many).

We've spend several days preparing for this downtime and will have Brunelleschi back up and running on a shiny new infrastructure soon.

We thank you, the players, for waiting and are working hard to make these updates worth your time.

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