Wednesday, August 26, 2015

District Profile: Central Commons

Not sure where to eat? The Central Commons has it all. Enthusiastic fans of baked goods may never leave, for both the Main and Linked buildings of this district are functioning Bakeries. Rather drink your meals? Visit the exclusive Tavern and meet the Exemplars that may live within.

District Action - Community Event
It's BYOB, but the peasants are down for the party! For every few Wine you spend on this action, more Peasants will move into your settlement. If you love peasants, or are trying to overpopulate your settlement, this is the way to do it.

Main Building - Dining Hall

Like Bread, Peasants and/or cheap meals? The Dining Hall has it all! For every level of Dining Hall, more Peasants will want to live in your Settlement and will pack into whatever housing is available. This building also provides 4 Exemplar rooms per building level, and all residents' meal bonuses cost less. On top of all that, the Dining Hall also produces Bread for the settlement.

Exclusive Building - Tavern

Every level of Tavern provides Exemplary living spaces. Characters living in a tavern regenerate magic more quickly, and get to live in a bustling tavern. This building also functions as a Peasant-serving income building.

Linked Building - Bakery

So many things would be impossible without the simple bakery. Delicious hot bread being the main thing. Bakeries can be built everywhere in a Settlement but functions best within the Central Commons. Here throngs of people gather daily to buy bread and eat together.

Ministry - Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Ministry belongs in the Department of Religious Affairs. From here, many of the hungriest masses can be reached and fed. Failure to feed the masses has been known to result in violent objections to current government. Therefore Public Affairs takes their bread-distribution responsibilities very seriously.

Minister - Herald

The Herald could also be known as the chief bread distributor, or possibly overseer of especially hungry Exemplars. Either way, their job is to keep the bread moving into the hands of the peasants and residents fast enough that nobody has to get hurt.

Downsides - 
The Central Commons is almost 100% focused on the production of bread and inviting peasants to enjoy themselves. If you don't like bread and you don't need peasants, you probably don't want a Central Commons.

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