Thursday, April 16, 2015

Death, Hardcore Characters, and Perma-Death


Character death occurs any time your HP reaches or dips below 0. This can be accidental, intentional, vicious or passive. For whatever reason your character dies, don't panic. While you're dead and before you restore, you can look around a bit and post in a limited way to the forums, but can take no actions and make no game changes. Because you're dead. Just click your portrait, restore yourself, and count your Death Points.

For most players, this matters very little other than a lingering death-feeling. Hardcore characters handle death a little differently, and Death Points have a long term consequence.

Hardcore and Perma-Death

When you create a character in Brunelleschi, you are given the option to make that character "Hardcore".

Eventually, after many less than permanent deaths, your Character can experience permanent death, or "Perma-Death". This means that, while their character records will exist in history, you regain that character-slot and will not be able to play them again.

Why would I do this?

Answer 1) To be a badass. That's why we call them "Hardcore" characters, because by entering the world they take a much more profound risk than their non-hardcore neighbors.

Answer 2) Immediate and long term gratification. One extra Knack upon character creation. That's one more special bonus than cautious non-hardcore players can ever have.

Answer 3) Death Points don't hurt but the once. No penalty for recently accrued Death Points.

How do I get Death Points?

Perma-Death is calculated via a character's Death Points.

Death Points are accumulated with every character death. That means every time you're killed in a duel, encounter, desperate escape from prison or any other HP-draining activity, you gain a Death Point.

Duels in which you are killed can result in a bonus Death Point (2 total) if the person who defeated you chooses to be unkind with your defeated body. Alternately, if they choose to be especially compassionate, you can dodge the Death Point entirely.

What does a Death Point do?

Non-Hardcore characters who wrack up death points suffer a serious but temporary Attribute and AP % penalty, but each point expires after a week. For protection from multi-murdering trolls, a player stops wracking up Death Points if their penalty ever reaches 100% or if they equal their level in current Death Points.

Hardcore characters on the other hand do not suffer this penalty, but their Death Points do not expire. After accumulating 200 Death Points, you start rolling against a % chance of perma-death. This chance increases by 2% per point after 200. Therefor at 201, your chance is 2%. At 250, your permanent death is assured.

Cheating Death

Other than the kindness of your dueling partners, there's only one other way to dodge a Death Point. If you know someone who has gained the holy ability of Resurrection, you can persuade them to use that power on you, rather than restoring yourself normally. This will keep you from suffering from that specific death. Having been Resurrected, you still have all your previous Death Points and will gather then normally afterward. You can be Resurrected as many times as you can talk someone into doing it.

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