Friday, March 6, 2015

District Profile: Port District

District Action - Work as Stevedore

Honest work for honest pay. A lot of cargo gets hauled onto and off of Transportation units in the Port District. Contribute your labor to move some local goods and get paid a handful of silver for your efforts.

Main Building - Port Authority Office

The Port Authority Office is an essential Shipping building, acting as a central hub for Shipping and transportation in general. This building not only handles the assemblage and crew recruitment for Boats and Ships, but for Carts as well.

Exclusive Building - Cargo Terminal

Each Cargo Terminal is it's own center of commerce and transportation. It can store one of every Transportation type per level and increases Boat, Train, and Ship income as well. Essentially made of places for Transport units to stop and drop their cargo, any bustling city will want a Cargo Terminals.

Linked Building - Trading Port

The Trading Port can be built in any district, but does it's best work in the Port District. While the Prosperity bonus is nice, this building's main contribution is granting ever citizen in the city 2 extra Market offers every time this building is upgraded.

Ministry - Port Authority
The Port Authority has a lot to worry about. It's their job to track all the comings and goings of cargo bearing vessels, sea faring or otherwise. Naturally this Ministry is part of the Department of Commerce.

Minister - Harbormaster

The Harbormaster oversees the Port District and the massive amount of trade that takes place within. They are one of the primary Commerce Ministers and are responsible for building distribution in this lucrative district.

Downsides - 
Port Districts can be dangerously insecure, allowing an undesirable criminal element to infiltrate a settlement and potentially wreak havok or spread information to hostile forces. The added effort of securing and maintaining a port may be more than some Settlements can manage.

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