Saturday, April 18, 2015

BruneGame is Thunder-clapping into Steam Greenlight!

This week the Brunelleschi team has been hauling serious assets to prepare for our jump into Steam Greenlight.

Greenlight is a huge step for a small indie studio, and Aesop Games is very excited to be preparing our entry. The central web-game will launch from beta to 1.0 this summer and we're eager to include Steamworks in our release. We're taking this very seriously, not everyone gets greenlit and it's an honor to join the prestigious and popular gaming marketplace.

In order to get through Greenlight, dodging the infamous "graveyard", we need to make sure we start this campaign rolling in votes. That's where you come in, gentle reader. If you've already taken the time to read this blog entry, our team has an excellent use for another few of your precious daily seconds.

Join us in our Thunderclap! More importantly, find us on Steam and help us make it through this awesomely straight-forward ordeal. All we need is votes and you are the voters we care about! Gamers, strategy fans, Ren-fest attenders, we need you!

Click here for Thunderclap and Greenlight links!

Help us get Brunelleschi into Steam! Join the Thunderclap!

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