Monday, April 27, 2015

Dueling in the Streets of Brune

As you may have guessed, Dueling is 1x1 combat between players. There are a few basic rules, but in general this is a pure comparison of personal impact in battle

Starting the Duel
To initiate a duel, you need two things. The first is a handful of action points. The second is another character with whom you are enemies or worse. You can't start a duel with anyone neutral or friendlier.

Accepting the Duel
If someone tries to start a duel with you, it is usually considered bad form to turn them down. Even if their only justification is that the two of you already didn't like each other. Refusing a duel of equals or better will always cost you Importance. That said, it's also bad form to freely murder much weaker players, therefore it costs no Importance to refuse a duel started by someone of significantly higher level.

Equipment and Units
Unlike some traditions, Brunelleschi characters do not strip to the waist and fight with fists and knives. Instead, both parties meet clad as they always are. However, the participants must leave their personal Units at the edge of the ring.

Ending a Duel
There are two ways a duel can end. The first is the death of one of the participants, the other is 10 combat rounds having passed. No duel lasts more than 10 rounds and if both players are still standing the duel is a draw. When a player dies in a duel, they acquire a single Death Point and can restore themselves (or get Resurrected) normally. The winner is rewarded with a shower of Importance.

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