Thursday, September 4, 2014

District Profile: Mines

Without the Mines there can be no metal. No weapons, no currency, no jewelry! Unthinkable! Building a Mines district is the only way to harvest metals naturally in your Settlement and is the most efficient way to harvest the various types of stone and their products.

District Action - Work in Mines

Break, dig, and sift through the rocks and earth for a little metal wealth of your own. While the Mines may have been built for the Settlement's benefit, are you not a citizen? Benefit directly and personally from this great investment by working in the mines.

Main Building - Sorting Station

The Sorting Station provides a number of very valuable services. The greatest of which is processing Marble into Slabs. Until you're trying to build a prestigious and appealing city, you never realize just how many marble slabs are required. The Sorting Station also  increases both Quarry and Mineral Mine production output by 1% per upgraded level. Each upgrade also increases the Mines Prosperity by 10 but decreases Health by 1 for the entire Settlement.

Exclusive Building - Mineral Mine

The mineral mine is absolutely vital to many of the production chains in Brunelleschi. It harvests Copper Ore, Gold Ore, Nickel Ore, Pig Iron and Silver Ore. Not only does it provide valuable resources, but each level of each Mineral Mine increases building storage capacity by 1% for the entire Settlement. Each also increases Prosperity by two and decreases Health by 1 within the Mines District.

Linked Building - Quarry

The Quarry both harvests many of the game's resources and can be built in every District. It is not uncommon to see a Quarry or two in the Forest or Fishing districts of a very young Settlement. These buildings harvest Marble, Sand, Sandstone, Raw Gems and potentially magical Lodestone.

Ministry - Geology Board

The Geology Board is the Rank 2 addition to the Education Department. That's right, education. Humans have a lot to learn from what comes up out of the earth. From where the seams of Gold Ore are to what makes the grass grow up yellow in some places and green in others.

Minister - Chief Geologist
The Chief Geologist is at the head of the scientific and labor pursuits occurring within the Mines District. A great deal of raw material wealth will move their their personal inventory so a choosy Sovereign may want to consider a trustworthy Minister to fill this post.

Downsides - Black Lung
The one major downside to hauling wealth up out of the ground hand over fist is what gets into the air. Both the Main and Exclusive buildings of the Mines district lower health and for obvious reasons. Miners throughout history have suffered shorter lives rife with illness and accidents. Even opening the mines puts the entire Settlement at a slight health disadvantage. You could either build Health bolstering buildings and districts or side with most of History. After all, what's a few short lived coughing peasants when there's marble and gold right there in the ground for the taking?

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