Wednesday, September 3, 2014

District Profile: Main Gate

The Main Gate is a Rank 2 Defense District that hooks together with the Palisade/Inner Wall/ Outer Wall structure. After all, what's the point of having a wall if you can't decide who can move in and out? On the other hand, even without walls it is the head of the internal Watch.

District Action - Guard Duty
Every district could be at risk, but some more than others. Every time you perform Guard Duty in a district, you raise that district's Defense Rating by 20 until maximum is reached. That is, every time you perform a Guard Duty, you add 20 to how hard it is for another Settlement to attack your district.

Main Building - Barbican
The Barbican is the large gate and wall structure that forms a complex and dangerous set of defenses. All that boiling oil through slits and dropping portcullises on hapless attackers can happen here as they try to penetrate your Main Gate. On top of all that violent potential in its great walls, the Barbican is a Rank 2 Defensive and Attribute Effect building. It decraeses attacking Infantry Units' Might by 2% per building level, and decrease attacking Cavalry Units' Celerity by 0.1%. Each upgrade also provides 2 more Security for the entire Settlement. However, because gates do slow down free trade, each upgrade also decreases Prosperity by 1 throughout the Settlement.

Exclusive Building - Guardpost
Tired feet and a soppy rain cap are not all that being a part of the Watch is about. You also get to sit behind little desks in tiny open shacks waiting for citizens to ask you for help or for travelers to inspect. The Guardpost is not a fancy building, bit it is an important one. This exclusive building, as it is mostly open ground, can be used to train Infantry troops like the footpads that guard the streets. Its mere presence as a welcoming place for the Watch to gather and watch increases Settlement Security by 1. Though each Guardpost tends to intimidate healthy trade, the 2 Prosperity penalty per building level only effects the Main Gate district.

Linked Building - Weaponsmith
How can you guard anything without the capability to hurt someone worse than they can hurt you? Not many jewel thieves, pockets overflowing with gems and pearls, will stop for a middle aged guard shouting "Stop!". "Stop or I'll SCut You Down!" on the other hand, accompanied with a very sharp sword, can be quite disincentivizing. The Weaponsmith is where that power balance shifts. This Rank 2 Crafting building produces all Melee Weapons and sells them to the general populace.This unfortunately means that the criminals may also have very sharp swords, lowering district Security by 2, but that's the price we pay for freedom.

Ministry - Gendarmerie
The Gendarmerie, also known as the Guard, are in charge of keeping an eye on the city. The Bailiff Oversees the Main Gate, and protects the Settlement from unwanted intruders.

Minister - Bailiff

Downsides - Specialized

The building spaces in the 'Main Gate' district are mostly intended to be Defensive. The District offers little incentive towards building other types of infrastructure, and ultimately the Main Gate can be an expensive and rarely-useful addition for mostly peaceful Settlements.

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