Monday, September 1, 2014

District Profile: High Street

The High Street with it's paved roads and fancy buildings is a Rank 2 Commerce District and the first commercial district a Sovereign gains access to. One might think it less focused in purpose than perhaps the Residential or Mines until you consider the purpose of providing citizens with the pursuit of happiness in the form of purchasing things

District Action - Work in Shop

All it takes is a few Action points and a solid work ethic to stand behind a counter and make correct change. Okay, so maybe it also takes a pair of legs and some arithmetic ability as well. Either way, with a High Street there are shops to work at and jobs for those who would like to do so. While some may do it just for the fun, most will do it for the salary. Working in the Shop provides players with a somewhat random equipment reward and some Silver Drachmas.

Main Building - General Store
The General Store is a Rank 2 Crafting building as well as the Main building of the High Street. Like most centers of commerce, this building raises Prosperity (+1/lvl Settlement wide) and lowers Security (-2/lvl within the High Street). The General Stores crafts Accessories and assembles crews for new Carts. As it's final beneficial effect, it reduces all Groceries costs in the Settlement by % per level.

Exclusive Building - Pub

Officially the Pub is a Rank 2 Income building, providing 10 Bronze Litra per Peasant living inside the High Street. However, it's apparently secondary use should not be overlooked. The Pub provides 2 additional Player Hero Residential spaces per Pub per level. Understandably, each Pub also provides 5 Prosperity and detracts 1 Security per level in the High Street.

Linked Building - Grocer
The Grocer is a Rank 2 Processing building that can be built in every District but gain bonuses from being built in the High Street. Every Grocer increases Health by 6 and decreases Security by 1 per Grocer per Level for the District built within. Primarily the Grocers process Produce into Groceries.

Ministry - Chamber of Commerce
As the first representative of the Department of Commerce, the High Street ministry gets the exalted title of Chamber of Commerce. They manage all Goods, Resources, Currency and Equipment that runs through the High Street and are responsible for building ownership within the district.

Minister - Burgomeister
The Burgomeister leads the Chamber of Commerce and manages all therein. They decide which buildings get to be sold and who gets to buy them.  They are second only to the Sovereign in allocation of all the products of the High Street buildings.

Downsides - Unsafe!
When one imagines a bustling shopping district, safety is not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, most canny shoppers already hide their currency somewhere that is neither obvious nor easy to get to. The more foot traffic, the more chance at petty crime. While murder is unlikely in a healthy High Street, crime becomes a serious possibility if not curtailed by a canny Minister and careful Guardhouse placement. 

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