Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New Age of Gaming Press

The celebration here at Aesop Games is continuous and taco-flavored. An independent gaming journalist wrote an article about Brunelleschi.... and we didn't ask for it! 

When the Brune team discovered this Article on Massively OP, we were surprised and excited. Somehow without asking personally, attending parties, or being part of a secret evil news conglomerate, an article (and favorable at that) was written about our game!

In the past, Brunelleschi has had very little luck getting press the "conventional" ways. We tried contacting news sites and journalists. We asked for reviews and offered interviews. We never felt comfortable trying to form relationships with journalists in order to ask personal favors, we thought the game should stand up on it's own.

So how did this article get written? Who broke the wall of press silence Brune has faced? A PLAYER! Imagine our delight when we saw at the bottom of the article a thanks to "Calren", one of our most active players. What a wonderful solution to the gaming journalism ethics issue! 

What if --get this-- Journalists wrote about games that Player/Readers want to read about?! Well it turns out both Calren and Massively OP were already on it, and we here at Aesop Games are proud to be involved. Anyone else who's already part of this practice should be proud too.

Thank You so much, to both Calren and Massively OP for showing (to us) a new age of games press. Here's to a bright future of relevant reporting in our exciting and constantly evolving industry. Everyone who likes games, let's ring the bells of change. Tell your gaming news sites what you want to read about!

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