Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey Countless Masses with Steam Accounts!

We know you're out there. Whether pro or casual, two games or thousands, we need your eyes and button pressing enthusiasm.

For a game to get big, a lot of eyes must look upon it. For a game to get greenlit, many times must the "Yes" button be pressed. If individual dedication to button pressing was all that is required, we'd already be finished, but this is one of those multi-player things. As of today, we've reached 75% (of the way to vague top) and over 1,000 of those necessary "Yes" votes. We only need a few hundred more votes and we know you, the players, are out there!

Why should I vote for BruneGame?

If you like

  • Role Playing
  • City Building
  • Robust Economic Systems
  • Magic and the Renaissance
  • History and Education
  • Upholding / Breaking Laws
  • Waging War
If you have
  • Mad dreams of power
  • Become a button pressing obsessive and need something new to press (follow & favorite!)
  • Nothing better to do for the next couple seconds

If you haven't already, Follow This Link to our Greenlight page. Check us out and hit some buttons! Leave a comment if you have something to say.

 BruneGame Greenlight Page

Thank you for your time! :D

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