Friday, May 1, 2015

Housing your Living and Dead

A city is nothing without it's population, and a population is nowhere without housing. While homelessness is possible in Brunelleschi, no settlement can stay together if there's nowhere for it's people to live.


NPC Housing
In order to run any industry, you'll need the labor of the NPC populace. They split themselves naturally into Peers, Yeomen and Peasants. While your Granary will house your first few laborers, you'll need to quickly build more housing in order to grow and prosper.


Peasant Housing

Peasants are an undemanding lot. Their housing tends to be cheap and easy to maintain. They don't mind cramped living in large numbers but will eventually become ill if crammed too tight with low local health.


Yeoman Housing

Yeoman have a slightly higher standard of living and appreciate practical quality. They like their housing to be made of processed materials and expect somewhat more of local services than the dirt-munching peasants.


Peer Housing

Peers are much more picky about Peers don't feel their demands are too high. All they want is special housing, lots of yard space, and a few gems pressed into the molding. They won't live many to a building and tend to want expensive materials devoted to their housing.


Player Housing

Exemplar Housing
Every player in the Settlement also needs a place to live. Homeless players are assumed to be bothering the NPCs and causing general trouble if allowed to sleep in the streets. Players who want to sleep in the streets are advised to take up residence in a Colonnade. Several main buildings serve as snazzy player housing as well as Taverns in the Central Commons and Inns everywhere.

In addition to unnerving the NPCs, homeless players suffer an AP penalty as they have no safe comfy place to rest.


Visitor Housing

This is an elite type of housing only available to higher ranking settlements. With these you can show off your achievements by hosting visiting citizens of other settlements. They cannot freely visit your settlement without becoming residents if you do not have any buildings providing visitor housing.


Dead Housing
There are a small number of buildings that will house the dead. If run correctly, they will bring in a certain amount of currency per handled settlement death. Until Rank 7, this will mainly be represented with Burial Chambers which collect silver per Hero and NPC death and increases local Faith.

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