Sunday, March 1, 2015

District Profile: Plaza

The Plaza is a classic district of any Civilized Settlement, a broad expanse of stone and ceramics, with copious space for the production of Bricks and Stone. While not mandatory, many Cities will choose to build this district if only to make use of the 'Drink From Fountain' Action, a superior restorative to the Residential district's 'Rest' action. It is also a great way to increase your Settlement's overall Health rating.

District Action - Drink from Fountain

A source of fresh moving water is even more important than pleasing urban decor. Drinking from the fountain restores your character's Health and Magic by 15% of total with each nourishing sip. This action is available to all citizens in any Settlement that a Plaza district has been built.

Main Building - Central Fountain

Not only does the central fountain increase the health for all districts just by flowing, but peasants and Yeoman just can't resist tossing coins into it, producing an amount of Silver per Yeomen and Copper per peasant living nearby. Word of the Central fountain gets around to local rural farmers, causing Peasants to move into open residences more quickly with access to clean fresh water.

Exclusive Building - Colonnade

Colonnades are an impressive and relatively cheap way to house Heroes.  Exemplars camping under it's roof can show off in the open air and gain a small Importance bonus for taking residence there. Every level of every Colonnade increases Settlement Respect as well.

Linked Building - Brickmaker

Bricks are an essential part of any growing city. Brickmakers can be built anywhere but gain a bonus if built in the Plaza district. These handy buildings process sandstone into incredibly useful Bricks and create Prosperity per building and level. Unfortunately, making bricks puts a lot of less-than-breathable particles into the air decreasing the health of the district your Brickmakers are built in.

Ministry - Beautification

The Beautification Ministry is part of the Department of Religions Affairs. As the name suggests this ministry is concerned with keeping the settlement in a non-depressing state of beauty.

Minister - Pursuviant

The Pursuviant offers bonuses from 6 of their attributes. Acumen, Fervor, Grace, Mettle, Oratory, and Philosophy.

Downsides - 

Like all lower-Ranking district, the Plaza has a limited number of available plots and a Ministry that has a lower amount of Attribute bonuses, as well as having no Settlement-Wide bonuses. Over time it may be more advantageous to use the limited District space available to your Settlement on something more specialized or larger overall.

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