Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crowdfunding Support Page is now Available!

The Crowdfunding Support page for Brunelleschi is now live and available for perusal here. You can find detailed information about the game, the Stretch Goals, the Backer Rewards, and active links to all of our CrowdFunding Efforts as they occur! 

There are photos of the team, videos of the game, and loads of information about Brunelleschi as well as our other upcoming projects. Learn about the Oculus development and stay tuned for updates about the development progress for Android, Ouya, iOS, and other platforms!

We've gotten everything ready and now it's time to let the gaming public decide our ultimate budget for the game. Crowdfunding's the best way to gauge involvement and spread the word so we're hoping to hear more from player and interested parties about what they'd like to see included in Brune.

We've created a large collection of valuable packages with Character roles and Storytelling in mind, so you'll be able to add definition to your character and support the game all at once! We're counting on the community to let us know which roles they prefer and hope that we've offered enough value to motivate sales.

By backing this game you'll also get early access to the next dozen or so games we're making at Aesop Games. It just won't be the same without your support, so please take a look and consider making a contribution to support educational gaming!

Don't forget to visit the site!

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