Thursday, August 21, 2014

Class Comparison: Wizard vs Soldier

Wizards - Glass Cannon Incarnate

 Taking a quick break from the District Profiles today to showcase some of the Differences between our Hero Classes. The current Brunelleschi version (v0.3) is all about Heroes so we'll be talking about how our Casual-Oriented content works and how it can be enjoyed by those players who have less time to spend but still want to be an important part of the Game and contribute to their friends' Settlements.

Caster Classes in general (All 6 Primary Casters and 5 Secondaries) have an advantage in the attributes Reason, Creativity, and Judgement. This makes them generally better at Crafting, Construction, and maintaining the Education level of a Settlement.

In Combat they're less durable than other classes due to their heavy reliance on the MP pool. They tend to run out of energy faster than other combatants and are not very powerful without energy to run their spells.

Casters will tend to favor Secretive, Information-Based Governments. The Magiocracy and Cryptarchy, for example, represent the type of systems you might see implemented in a Settlement controlled by a Caster Lord. Caster Heroes like the Wizard have a vested interest in a Society, Government, and Economy configuration that favor Crafting, spellcrafting in particular but they also depend on their limited Equipment (Robes, Staves, Jewelry) to survive Adventuring and Combat.

Sovereigns who make the correct materials and items available to Wizards will have a very powerful military asset on their hands, if perhaps one that is more difficult to employ than their natural opposite.

Wizards tend to have Community-Building Abilities
Soldiers are great at Harvesting, Recruiting, and Killing

The Difference in Government between the Lord Types can be Massive

Soldier - Tough as Nails and just as Subtle

It doesn't take a lot of skill to play a good Soldier, just a decent Commander and a lot of Loyalty. Soldiers are the perfect addition to a Settlement, especially a new one. No Subtlety here, just pure Might for Harvesting, Celerity for AP, and a Toughness score that can take a lot of hits. They use class A Equipment and can Wield/Wear any of the standard Gear in the game. The class E spells they can equip won't immediately turn the tide of battle, but a well enchanted Soldier will have a slight edge that can manifest in protracted Battles.

Military Scenarios require a lot of Strong Backs! A core of loyal Soldiers will be a huge help in moving the Battle directly to the enemy. In peacetime the Soldier's high Physical Attributes will enable them to Harvest more Raw Materials and create wealth for the entire Settlement. Creative Economics can turn all this wealth into a strong investment in the future, and your well Supplied Soldiers will thank you if you spend the taxes on the Facilities they prefer!

Your Settlement will benefit hugely from the Patrols and Security offered by these useful Heroes. Criminals and Scoundrels will have a hard time raiding your storehouses or bothering the Citizenry with alert Soldiers guarding your Buildings. The Soldiery will also tend to favor Commander-oriented Systems for Society, Government, and Economics, as well as tending to draw the support of the Peasantry in Elections, should your Settlement be so Populist as to allow them a say.

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