Monday, August 18, 2014 Technical Specs and Information about the FOSS Release

Brunelleschi: Age of Architects is fundamentally built on FreeOpen Source Software, and we're big proponents of that style of development for mission-critical software. Web Servers, Networking Infrastructure, Frameworks, Admin Tools, and other essential components for a successful Multi-Player game have always been built best by the collective talents of the world's Open-Source Coders.

Brunelleschi's server is a LNMP (Linux (Debian) - Nginx - MySQL - PHP) stack running PHP-FPM with Symfony2 at the Service level and above. The Symfony Framework provides a great deal of our functionality in the basic web client, with the recurrent functions like Timers occurring in the background via a combination of BASH scripted events, PHP, and Symfony Console-Admin commands. Our Open Beta Server is running on a DigitalOcean 8GB Droplet with an SSD, we've been very happy with their service overall and would recommend them to anyone.

All of the software on which we've based the server and web-client are essentially free, and we wouldn't have been able to develop the prototype of the game without them. Ultimately Brunelleschi has been created from community-owned products and as such should (and will) return to the FOSS environment in which is was formed. We wouldn't even have Icons or Logos without Inkscape and the Gimp.
We really appreciate the companies that have made great services available at reasonable cost also!

At +Aesop Games we believe strongly in returning something of value to the gaming and programming communities. All of our software is Guaranteed to enter the Public Domain under a General Public License (GPL) or equivalent open source agreement exactly 3 years after release to the public. This applies to all our assets, including those found in our Unity Client, Oculus Client, and Android Client

Our Development Process is completely Transparent.

That means everything that was made public on Jan 11 2014 (v0.2 of the Server and Webclient) will be freely available and modifiable for public commercial use by on 1/11/2017. Automated release of the source code and assets will ensure that by 8/18/2017 everything now available will be fully published and freely available to modify. We believe that we can stay 'ahead' and earn enough money to support development by consistently offering Updates, New Products, and Quality Customer Service! We're prepared to offer the Gaming Public a service Worth paying for, and to back up our ideas with consistent, reliable quality. 

If any of this is of interest to you, please check out our work at , or on IndieDB . We also have a Youtube Channel which is continually updated. Thank you very much for reading!

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