Saturday, October 1, 2016

Getting Hitched in Brunelleschi

Players in Brunelleschi are allowed, even encouraged to join in the holy and legal bonds of matrimony. Each character is capable of maintaining several simultaneous romantic relationships of various definitions, but only one married spouse. However getting that spouse is no simple task. Marriage in the game does not even become possible until the first primary-clergy character reaches Level 260, which is no trivial achievement.

Classes who can perform the Wedding Ceremony include:
Clergy Lords, Templars, Prelates, Friars, Clerics and Shamans

Characters who want to marry each other must first find a Clergy character capable of performing the action 'Wedding Ceremony'. They must then get the agreement of that character to perform the ceremony, and ensure that their chosen officiant is supplied with Linen, Florins and a single Cut Gem. This means you need to a) be near a market that sells these things, b) been very lucky with action and scenario rewards, or c) own buildings that produce these materials in a sustainable production chain. Giving these items to your officiant is also an act of trust, it is possible for them to decide to take your goods and run, as long as they don't mind being trashed in the forums. Look for an officiant with a good reputation.

Finally the Clergy officiant spends the goods, some magic, and a rather lot of Action Points to create a Proposal Scenario. It is their job to correctly select the two characters that wish to marry. The two players the officiant selects can then agree to or reject the marriage proposal (proposed by the officiant). If both players agree, they become married and gain all the in-game benefits of spousal union. This benefit is primarily a powerful importance-sharing bond and the display that your characters are officially married. This also allows the two of you to form a 'Family' group together.

Be sure to remember that if a mistake is made in the process, the goods and energy has still been spent. The Clergy must select the correct two players and they both must agree before the marriage is finalized. If all goes well, everyone comes out on top. The married couple can now play in matrimonial bliss and the Clergy officiant gets all that juicy XP and IMP from the ceremony, plus a possible service fee.

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