Thursday, July 21, 2016

Summer '16 Technical Push

For every game-type there is an off-season, but that doesn't mean the developers are at rest! While the kids get out of school and spend some time outside, the Aesop Games team is busy working on the less flashy technical support for our multiple client types. Each member is working on improving the invisible but all-too-important back-end of their technical specialties.We're dusting out the insides of our computers and cleaning up old files on our servers. We're writing background features that will subtly improve gameplay and planning our next big publicity push for when the kids come inside, sun-dazed, and need something quiet to play while pretending to do their school-work.

The Web Game
While our primary programmer is fully occupied, the web game servers are getting a dust-off and cleaning. We'll be clearing out old files and looking to improve performance a bit during the technical push with good server policies. We've recently acquired a few extra servers and will be offloading some of the primary Brun server's tasks onto these secondary locations. We'll also be working on the Brunelleschi Wiki to keep players better informed about the stats and game mechanics. Players, too have been contributing to the overall game-knowledge by posting tutorials in the Brun forums.

The 3D Client
Recent work on the 3D client is mostly invisible. Other multiplayer-client-devs will know it's always challenging to set up secure data-passing between clients and servers but that's what we've been working on. When it's done, future features will incorporate a lot more player data and will eventually allow players to make changes to their character/game records without using the web-view. These future-features should include Storage Management, Combat simulation with your personal Army and starting/stopping construction projects.

Demo of 1x1 Personal Army Combat

The Mobile App
There are currently two offerings of Brunelleschi on the Play Store. One is a simple web-browser that takes you into the web game. The other is a Unity created demo that, like the 3D client, will eventually be hooked up to server-data and provide a special Mobile-UI in which to play the game. However, you can always just log in for the special reward and spin the spinny-cube.

Demo Mobile Actions UI

Demo Mobile Social UI

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