Tuesday, September 29, 2015

District Profile: Internal Roads

Internal Roads

When a Settlement reaches Rank 5, the increased wealth and importance is shown in the way of stone paved roads throughout. Installing the roads shows itself everywhere by making travel through every district easier. Every district built after the Internal roads will also have these fine paved streets. Settlements can't progress without an internal roads because the old dirt ones would simply not hold up to the increased trade and population of a larger city.

Patrol the Roads

Patrolling the Roads is nearly free, all it takes is a player's time (AP). Carefully walking the streets of your chosen district drastically increases both district Defense and Prosperity until the next immigration cycle. This action offers players an opportunity at experience, exciting encounters, and an outlet for your sense of civic duty.

Not just the roads, but everything it takes to maintain them. The Road Infrastructure is is your pavement-laying hubs. It's workers are constantly repairing cracked stones, potholes, and expanding the roads into new districts each time one is built. Naturally, the Road Inf. also crafts and stores Carts and passively increases the Prosperity of every district in your settlement.

Exclusive - Rest Stop

Every Rest Stop built along the Internal Roads improves the Toughness of every player citizen. These recognizable little buildings are a reassurance to all travelers that that there is some small place to lay your head and cook some oatmeal. The roads are Healthier with Rest Stops, but they offer shelter to all people, despite their intention, so Security is somewhat lowered by their presence.

Linked - Post Office

The Post Office provides a unique service, accurate, reliable, and relatively fast internal message handling. Available in every district, each Post Office provides a powerful local Prosperity bonus. Their use doesn't stop at a passive bonus. The Post Office also constructs and stores Carts for the settlement/owner.

Ministry - Surveyor's Office

It falls upon the Surveyor's Office to oversee the Internal Roads. This involves traffic monitoring, street cleaning, and regular repairs throughout the settlement. Broken and washed out roads are mended and replaced. New districts must be paved and smoothly connected to the older roads.

Minister - Chief Surveyor

The Chief Surveyor is a permanent fixture in the Department of the Interior for any Settlement above Rank 4. Every large settlement must have one unless the Sovereign wants to personally oversee the roads of their growing city. The Office of Chief Surveyor provides district bonuses from 9 Attributes, but no settlement bonuses.

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